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Fwd: Postcard from Outer Brewster: A Halloween Surprise?

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Bruce Berman wrote: Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 08:34:02 -0400 To: Recipient List Suppressed:; From: Bruce Berman
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      Bruce Berman <bruce@...> wrote:
      Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 08:34:02 -0400
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      From: Bruce Berman <bruce@...>
      Subject: Postcard from Outer Brewster: A Halloween Surprise?

      Today's "Postcard from Outer Brewster" was taken on Outer Brewster Island during this fall's annual monarch butterfly migration by Dave Wentling. 

      With Halloween fast approaching it is not surprising that Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy has decided to schedule a hearing this coming Monday on what he has called the "Outer Brewster Island Alternative" to the Distragas terminal in Everett.

      We all know that the AES proposal to turn Outer Brewster Island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park into the nation's largest LNG terminal and storage depot is a bad idea for a host of reasons.

      The island is the spectacular gateway to our national park. It is part of a fragile cluster of islands that are critical habitat for fisherman, lobsterman, sea and shore birds, a seasonal home to the park's only colony of seals. It is a beautiful place in a beautiful park that is fast becoming an important recreational resource for Bostonians and visitors alike.

      This year Save the Harbor / Save the Bay brought nearly 5,000 young people - from every neighborhood of our city- out to our island park for free to see the Brewster Islands, Boston Light and the seals. It is a truly remarkable public resource. It would be wrong to sell any part of it to an out of state energy company for private gain.

      The AES proposal is not an "alternative" to anything. This plan to locate a second LNG terminal on Boston Harbor would increase - not decrease - tanker traffic into the region, and would have absolutely no impact on tanker traffic to the Everett facility.

      That's why a coalition of dozens of business, community and environmental groups including the Mass Marine Trade Association, the Boston Harbor Lobsterman's Association, the Sierra Club, Mass PIRG, the Conservation Law Foundation, and the Environmental League of Massachusetts oppose the plan.

      That's why every candidate for governor opposes the plan as well: Just yesterday Kerry Healey clarified her position and announced that she would not sign the bill should it ever get to her desk.

      And that's why more than 1/3 of the House and a majority of the Senate  have publicly promised to oppose it, should it ever come up for the 2/3 vote of both houses required under the constitution.

      Still, Councilor Murphy intends to hold a hearing on the proposal before the Council's Public Safety Committee (which he chairs) on Monday, October 30th at 3:00 in the Boston City Council chambers.

      Though neither Save the Harbor nor anyone from the coalition has been formally invited to testify as Councilor Murphy promised earlier this year, it is an open hearing.

      We will be there to present the testimony we prepared for the hearing last March on Beacon Hill, as well as photos and press clips of some of the thousands of young people who visited the park with us this summer. The public is welcome to attend and to testify as well.


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      E. Bruce Berman, Jr.
      Communications Director
      Save the Harbor / Save the Bay



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