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Charter Sailing Research Opportunity

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  • Bill Scanlon
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      Subject: Charter Sailing Research Opportunity
      Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:13:18 -0500

      Dear Sailing Enthusiast:

      In order to better serve our customers we have contracted with an outside research firm to conduct a survey on charter sailing vacations. The research firm will be conducting this research through a brief telephone interview October 19 - November 10.  If you are interested in being considered as a candidate for this research click on the link below and answer the simple on-line questionnaire.

      Those sailors who are selected to participate will be entered into a prize draw for a $1,000 (USD) Sailing Vacation voucher. The winner will be awarded through a random drawing. Your chances of winning are approximately 1,250 to 1.  All of the research participants that are selected and complete the phone interview will receive a $100 (USD) sailing voucher that may be redeemed the next time you book a sailing vacation.

      Your opinion and experiences are very important to us.  I want to thank you personally for your input and consideration of this request.

      Click Here to take the survey: http://www.avaladirect.com/SailingEN

      Best Regards,

      Van Perry
      Brand Manager
      The Moorings

      Note: Any information provided is for research purposes only.  All consumer information and opinions shall be held in strict confidence. The opinions provided shall be used for research purposes only and will not be used for any solicitation.

      If you choose not to receive any future boating research e-mails click: *Please do not send me any more e-mails.

      Bill Scanlon
      USCG Master 50 GT Inland Waters
      Towing & Sailing Endorsements
      Lic. # 1092926
      1984 Catalina 30
      Std. Rig  Hull#  3688
      Winthrop (Mass.) Yacht Club
      Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse

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