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Fwd: letters to the Boston Globe

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  • Bill Scanlon
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2006

      Recently, there has been a spate of bad press for Outer Brewster island, and although the legislature has repeatedly stifled deep-pocket attempts at reviving the bill, and is now in recess, the power brokers with deep pockets are still going full throttle with their p.r. campaign to drum up public support for a bad idea--and to discredit the island as a trash heap. One of our members, Dave Wentling, who regularly visits the island (and whose recent photos are on our home page, see http://www.savethebrewsters.org/) wrote us this letter just this week:
      "I took my weekly lobstering trip to Outer brewster Monday, I got 7 keepers in 9 traps. The biggest a 2 and a half pound female packed with eggs. Her tail had already been notched designating her a breeding female. It was a pleasure gently releasing her into the crystal clear waters, fine specimen I also released at least 12 other shorts. Monday night is grilled lobster night at my house.
       "The fresh water continues to come out of the hillside on Outer Brewster, there are bird footprints all around the waters edge. I did not see the Black Crowned Night Herons this trip but about a dozen Snowy Egrets flew up from the tree canopy. Two Oyster Catchers flew right over the bow of my boat as I was leaving.
       "I picked more blackberries and a huge raspberry bush is about to ripen. I lunched, went for a dip, and headed to Calf Island.
       "The landing beach area is always stunning, It's protected by beautiful rocky walls and usually fairly calm. You do have to pay attention to the tide, If it is going out toss your anchor out a little. It's easy to loose track of time here, When I took Bob Hedlund to O.B. we were high and dry and had to wrestle the boat back in."
      But today, Aaron Sampson of AES Corp., wrote a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe (http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/letters/articles/2006/08/04/lng_on_outer_brewster_could_be_boon/)
      In it he describes Outer Brewster as a "rocky former military site strewn with abandoned buildings and trash. Yet its location and physical attributes will allow for a much-needed LNG storage facility more than two miles from populated areas and approximately 10 miles from downtown Boston. And Outer Brewster's proximity to the existing Hubline natural gas pipeline minimizes the need for major dredging, significantly reducing environmental concerns."
      First, let's remind him that its name is Outer Brewster, and it is a national park, meant to be preserved in its natural state, for all of the species that rely on, thrive on and enjoy it. If you could, please take a moment to write a letter to the Globe in response to his editorial (email javascript:parent.ComposeTo('letter@...');).
      Thanks so much.
      Pam Loring
      for Save the Brewsters
      Save The Brewsters
      savethebrewsters.org – savethebrewsters@...
      26 Vautrinot Ave., Hull, MA 02045 - 781-925-6167


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