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Please welcome a very musically talented new member

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Folks, Please welcome a very musically talented new member of the MassBaySailors Lynn Noel. Below are exerts from her professional Web Site as well and the URL
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2006
      Please welcome a very musically talented new member of the MassBaySailors
      Lynn Noel.
      Below are exerts from her professional Web Site as well and the URL to it.
      Welcome Lynn, please feel to elaborate on your talents and inform us of where & when we might get to hear you.
      Celebrate a sense of place in song and story through bluewater and whitewater music. Lynn Noel's award-winning program series captures the spirit and joie de vivre of the voyageurs, the raw energy of working chanteys from the days of sail, the exploits of adventurous women from Vikings and pirates to industrial mill girls, and the magic of the seasonal round in ritual dance and drama.
      Sunday, May 21:
      MIT Chantey Sing, Wood Sailing Pavilion at MIT, Cambridge, MA
      Friday, June 9: private party, MIT event, Cambridge, MA
      Sunday, June 18:
      MIT Chantey Sing, MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA
      Saturday, July 1: Boston Harborfest with the
      Gloucester Hornpipe & Clog Society, Georges Island, Boston, MA Sunday, July 16: MIT Chantey Sing, Wood Sailing Pavilion at MIT, Cambridge, MA
      Thursday, August 17: Friends of Lynn and Nahant Beach with the
      Gloucester Hornpipe & Clog Society, Nahant Beach, Nahant, MA
      Sunday, August 20:
      MIT Chantey Sing, Wood Sailing Pavilion at MIT, Cambridge, MA
      The CROSSCURRENTS concert series blends natural and cultural heritage in music, storytelling, living history and color slides. Songs and tales of landscapes and special places, waterways both fresh and salt, the adventures of strong women and the magic of the seasonal round create and celebrate a sense of place. Workshops and residencies in music and storytelling, ritual dance and drama and in using arts and folklore for environmental and cultural heritage education are also available, as are research publications and consulting in heritage interpretation.
      Since 1986, Lynn Noel has been researching and presenting traditional music, living history, and heritage interpretation under the banner of Crosscurrents: Sense of Place in Song and Story. Sometimes called Bluewater and Whitewater Music, this work has taken her down wild rivers in every province and territory in Canada; to a Russian monastery and an Icelandic glacier; to a shamanic workshop on the ancient Vikings; and to untold maritime adventures, from being rescued by a Newfoundland dog in Boston Harbor to sailing a tall ship in Penobscot Bay. And then there was celebrating her birthday at a whisky distillery...not to mention current adventures of rearchitecting this website and running a monthly chantey sing at MIT.
      Lynn Noel has a voice of striking clarity and power, as wide and deep as her repertoire. She is equally at home in a flowing, traditional ballad or a rousing sea chantey, delivered in English or French. She sings in fourteen languages from Gaelic to Zulu to Inuktitut, accompanying herself and her harmony groups on mountain dulcimer, guitar, bodhran, spoons, and stepdancing feet. What is her favorite instrument? " C'est simple. The audience."
      Lynn Noel's deep roots in a cappella harmony reach back through twenty-five years of all-night sings from Newfoundland to California. Her vast repertoire encompasses morris and pub songs, chanteys and sea music, ballads and choruses from gospel to doo-wop. A choral singer since the age of nine with greater Boston's Youth Pro Musica, Lynn sang lead and alto with the a cappella trio The Spontaneous Triad in Madison, WI in the mid-1980s, and with the world music quartet Lingua Franca in Boston from 1998-2002, as well as participating in sacred harp, West Gallery, madrigal, and early music societies. On mountain dulcimer, she plays voyageur and Viking melodies, music of Newfoundland and the Great Lakes, and Celtic tunes with the Gloucester Hornpipe and Clog Society, with whom she is also lead singer. She is a founding member of the Single Malt and Song Society, a tasting club for traditional singers whose motto is "a bottle of the best in harmony." Lynn brings the raw, energetic sound of English harmony and the driving beat of work songs to her grassroots leadership wherever unaccompanied songs are sung.
      Often taken for a Canadian, this bilingual wild goose sometimes claims protection under the Migratory Waterfowl Act. Lynn is a true North American with family roots in Bluenose Nova Scotia, Moravian Minnesota, and both Yankee and Irish Boston. After sojourns in the Great Lakes, Atlantic Canada, Vermont, and the Ottawa Valley, she returned to her home port of Boston in 1998 as a technical writer and editor. This transition into software soon led her to reapply her writing and analytical skills and experience as a business analyst for web applications.
      Lynn braids together working chanteys from the age of sail, flowing ballads of love and loss at sea, and environmental education in marine ecology. From 2000-2004, Lynn was captain and stage manager for the Boston Folk Festival Chanteyboat. Think of the Chanteyboat as a dance stage for singers. Your crew of experienced "chantey callers" is out here on the waves, in the wind, to get YOU singing. In the tradition of legendary chanteyman and Outward Bound boatswain Stan Hugill, our goal as leaders is to unite each Chanteyboat in working song, as a direct experience of Boston Harbor and our New England maritime heritage. "We are crew, not passengers." (Outward Bound)
      A graduate of Dartmouth College and Research Fellow of Dartmouth's Institute of Arctic Studies (1992-1998), Lynn holds a M.S. in human/environment Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and several international awards of excellence in environmental education and heritage interpretation.

      Bill Scanlon
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