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Labor Day Weekend in P-Town, wise to make reservations Now or Soon!!!

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Hi, I just made our reservations for Labor Day weekend in P-Town with Flyer s Marina. If you plan to sail to P-Town for this busy end of summer Holiday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2006
      I just made our reservations for Labor Day weekend in P-Town with Flyer's Marina.
      If you plan to sail to P-Town for this busy end of summer Holiday  weekend I suggest you make reservations soon.  I spoke with both P-Town Marina and Flyer's Boat Yard.  Their mooring Fees and services are identical;  $45 per night which INCLUDES (not including driver tip of course) the launch service and operating hours (8:00 AM to 12:00 PM).  Last year they only went until 11:00 PM, I think ...  12:00 PM is weekend closing time, weeknight is 8:00 PM.
      You'll probably find little differences in service between P-Town Marina & Flyer's except the drop off points, Flyer's drops-off & picks-up at their facility unless the tide is too low then they go to the town pier like P-Town Marina.  "I" choose Flyer's out of habit in using them the past 4 or more years.
      If you are not familiar with this weekend event it is a long standing tradition at Winthrop YC for many, approximately a dozen, boats (mostly sailboats) to invade P-Town on Labor Day weekend.  This of course has offered a number of stories, many of which are travel/sail/weather related the rest come from the busy streets of P-Town.
      Of course this is by no means a WYC exclusive, therefore, I suggest any & all of you plan to cruise with us (on your boats) this weekend.  Again, make reservations soon.  You can cancel and get a full refund up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival.
      Unless you mention WYC, or your own  YC they may require a 3 night minimum.  I made a 2 night reservation Sat. & Sun the 4th & 5th, but we may decide to go down early on Thursday or Friday and may stay an extra day.  Two years ago we extended our cruising the following week, which turned out to be spectacular to Martha's Vineyard, often the best week of cruising in New England.
      If you won't have a boat to travel on this weekend, post a message to the group offering to Crew or take the Boston/P-Town Ferry for a day or more and meet us there.
      Provincetown Marina
        • 508.487.0571
        • VHF: 09
      • Flyers Boat Yard
        • 508.487.0898
        • VHF: 09
        • www.flyersboats.com
      • Provincetown Yacht & Marine
        • 508.487.4602
        • VHF: 09


      fishing boat towing another
      After Thoreau visited in 1850, he declared Provincetown "the most completely maritime town that we were ever in." {CapeCod, p229}
      A fishing outport (never prosperous like New Bedford, Gloucester or even Marblehead), P-town in the 19th century was more remote by land than by water, its harbor an offshore refuge for great fleets of mackerel schooners.
      Throughout the 20th century, the artistic and the alternative have added a distinctive culture to that maritime heritge. Today Provincetown draws much of its character from its visitors. All summer long, boats fill the harbor and there is a real vitality in the streets.


      The Mayflower's passengers observed of Provincetown:
      "The bay is so round and circling that before we could come to anchor we went round all the points of the compass." {Mourt p16}
      The unmistakable fist of sand that the Pilgrims encountered at the end of Cape Cod still forms a winding entrance to the harbor, offering greater protection around every turn.
      At the center of this whorl is the Pilgrim Monument, 348 feet above high tide and visible over twenty miles away. A series of bearings on the monument is a reliable way to measure your progress against the coastline's succession of near-identical dunes and beaches.
      It's more difficult to gauge distance off shore. On both sides of the Cape near Provincetown the depth contours are abrupt and the curving shoreline is more disorienting from the water than it looks on the chart. Pay careful attention to the Shank Painter Bar. It makes out from shore over a half mile, and depths go from more than a hundred feet to barely ten in a hurry. As you aim for the bell off Wood End, the typical southwesterly can push you closer inshore than you'd like.
      Approaching at night, the prominent lights at Race Point, Wood End and Long Point, with their off-standing buoys, will guide you around the hook, although there are a few distractions. Often the rotating AERO beacon northeast of Race Point is the first light you'll see, reflecting off the clouds.
      Fishing boats, with their deck lights, frequent the waters off Race Point and trucks, with their headlights, frequent the nearby beaches. We've looked, sometimes with a little anxiety, but never found either on the charts. . .


      "It is a harbor wherein a thousand sail of ships may safely ride."
      Mourt's Relation 1622 {p 16}
      "It is one of the best harbors on the Atlantic Coast, having a sizable anchorage area in depths of 12 to 57 feet with excellent holding ground. Coasters and fishermen find protection here in gales from any direction."
      Coast Pilot 2001{p 273}
      Thousands of sail do in fact visit Provincetown every summer, but very few end up anchoring. The water of moderate depth close to town is filled with moorings, and inside the breakwater, the bottom is reported to be littered with the debris of a busy harbor. {CP 273}
      Outside the breakwater the depths increase steeply. And the harbor is large, so that wherever you anchor, you'll be exposed to considerable fetch in at least two directions. Most boats that do anchor find swinging room outside the mooring field and south of the breakwater.
      Note that there is a fairway 100 yards wide, running from Green '3' off Long Point to the south end of the breakwater, in which anchoring is prohibited.


      The moorings directly inside the breakwater are private. The large field of transient moorings begins south of Fisherman's Wharf and runs nearly to the Coast Guard wharf. These moorings are adequately protected, but given the fetch within the harbor, they can feel a bit exposed if it's blowing anywhere from south to northeast. In a strong easterly, you'll want to get behind the breakwater.
      Within this field, Provincetown Marina, Flyer's, and Provincetown Yacht and Marine all maintain guest moorings. Call when you arrive, and their launch will direct you to an appropriate mooring. On summer weekends you can try your luck, but reservations are recommended. During a recent June visit, there were plenty of empty moorings Thursday and Friday nights, but the launch driver reported that everything was booked for Saturday.


      Provincetown Marina has a row of transient slips on the inside of Fisherman's Wharf, as does Provincetown Yacht and Marine on MacMillan Wharf. We have not stayed at Yacht and Marine.
      The Provincetown Marina office is open 24 hours a day in season. Reservations are necessary on summer weekends, and strongly recommended throughout the summer. Dockage rates are by the foot, with all boats under 40 feet charged for 40 feet, and there is a two-night minimum Friday and Saturday.

      Fitting Out

      • Diesel
      • Water
      • Ice
      • Groceries
      • Chandlery
      • Pumpout
      The Provincetown Marina fuel dock is on the south (out) side of Fisherman's Wharf.


      • Provincetown Marina
        • 508.487.0571
        • VHF: 09
      • Flyers Boat Yard
        • 508.487.0898
        • VHF: 09
        • www.flyersboats.com
      • Provincetown Yacht & Marine
        • 508.487.4602
        • VHF: 09

      Bill Scanlon
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