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Re: [MassBaySailors] May 22nd is National Maritime Day

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  • Ahmet
    Just and add-on. This years Volvo Ocean Race will probably come out as a book. In addition to loosing one crew member, ABN AMRO TWO ended up taking aboard the
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      Just and add-on.
      This years Volvo Ocean Race will probably come out as a book. In addition to loosing one crew member, ABN AMRO TWO ended up taking aboard the crew of Movistar, which had a problem with their canting keel and had finally abandon ship.
      In both cases, another boat, Brunel, immediately turned around to aid in the rescue efforts too.
      So here were these guys, sailing in the boat with 5 other crew, (who they asked not to participate, because they wanted to continue racing) and the dead body of their fellow crewmemeber, beating horrendeous weather trying to reach England.
      The transfer of the body of Hans  Horrovoets and the crew of Movistar to a british Navy ship was deemed too dangerous in the seas.
      It has been quite an interesting race ...
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      A) Last week's flood destroyed two marinas on the Merrimack River in Newburyport. The fast moving current of the river ripped away the docks, some with boats still tied to them. Massachusetts Governor Romney declared the region a disaster area. The Coast Guard showed their versatility by pumping thousands of gallons of water from houses and apartment complexes for the elderly and evacuating more than 450 people using small boats and helicopters. One Coast Guard officer remarked, "If it has to do with water, the Coast Guard is there."

      B) The record rain and flooding has stopped all shell fishing from the New Hampshire border to Cape Cod. Overflowing sewer systems poured waste and bacteria into the water polluting the shellfish beds. Compounding that problem, red tide is spreading into the area. Officials said there is no way of telling if the red tide will be as bad as last year, but it appears shell fishermen could be out of work for as long as two months.

      C) Tragedy struck one of the Dutch sailing yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race. Thirty-two year old Dutch sailor Hans Horrevoets was swept overboard at night by waves during the transatlantic leg of the race. Remarkably, 40 minutes later, in very rough seas and in the darkness of night, fellow crewmembers found the man overboard, but resuscitation efforts failed. The vessel named the ABN AMRO TWO, was one of six sailing yachts racing to England after a three-week stay on the Chesapeake Bay. The other Dutch yacht, ABN AMRO ONE, went on to win the race to England and now has won six of the seven legs in the round-the-world race. ABN AMRO TWO said it was no longer racing, but would still sail to England. This was the first death in the race since 1989, and the fifth death in its 32-year history. By the way, ABN AMRO is one of the largest banks in Europe.

      D) Massachusetts has filed a lawsuit to block the new federal fishing rules that went into effect May 1st. The new rules cut the days in half that fishermen are allowed to work. State officials admit that the new rules could cripple the fishing industry and cause many coastal communities severe financial harm. The question remains how soon the lawsuit will be heard.

      E) Another cruise ship passenger has gone missing. This time it is a 21 year old male passenger who went overboard, off the cruise ship Mariner of the Seas, while it was in route to the Bahamas from Florida. The missing man's friends admitted they had concealed liquor in mouthwash bottles and brought a bottle of rum in their luggage. A videotape was found showing the young men drinking alcohol during the day, right up to midnight. The Coast Guard searched for the missing man along the cruise ship's route, but the week's heavy rain and rough seas hindered them. Thirty passengers have been reported missing aboard cruise ships in the last three years.

      F) Off the South Carolina coast, 7 people, including the captain and his mate, were knocked overboard after their 26 foot charter boat capsized. All five of the paying passengers and the mate were rescued by the Coast Guard after spending nearly 18 hours in the water, but the 75 year old captain died of a heart attack while trying to keep one of his struggling passengers afloat. The dead man's son said, "My father was a real captain. A captain takes care of the people he is responsible for."

      G) In addition to this being National Safe Boating Week, May 22nd is National Maritime Day. Back in 1933, Congress declared May 22nd National Maritime Day, commemorating the steamship, The Savannah, for making the first successful transoceanic voyage under steam propulsion on May 22nd, 1819. National Maritime Day is a day we pay special tribute to the benefits that the maritime industry provides this country. All homes and businesses are encouraged to fly their American flag.

      H) Hundreds of veterans looked on solemnly as the U.S. Navy blew holes in the retired aircraft carrier, the USS Oriskany (oh-RISK-uh-nee), sending it to the bottom of the sea to create the world's largest artificial reef. It took just 37 minutes for the 888 foot ship to slip beneath the waves of the Gulf of Mexico. The "Mighty O" went down in 212 feet of water, about 24 miles off Pensacola Beach while hundreds of surrounding boats blew their horns in tribute. The Oriskany, commissioned in 1950 and named after an American Revolutionary War battle, saw duty during the Korean and Viet Nam Wars and was home to Senator John McCain. McCain was shot down over Hanoi in 1967 after taking off from the Oriskany.

      I) And last on today's nautical news, there is a new health craze at the spas in Japan. Customers are paying for a new treatment in which fish are allowed to feed on their body. The therapy features tiny fish that eat humans' dry skin. Health nuts claim the fish clear up skin conditions like psoriasis, by eating the diseased skin. Some spa customers said the fish tickle while they are sucking on their skin.
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