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Fwd: Monday's LNG Commission Hearing

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Lauren Thirer wrote: Subject: Monday s LNG Commission Hearing Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 16:40:02 -0400 From: Lauren Thirer
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2006
      Lauren Thirer <thirer@...> wrote:
      Subject: Monday's LNG Commission Hearing
      Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 16:40:02 -0400
      From: "Lauren Thirer" <thirer@...>

      To all coalition members, and all those who testified in defense of Outer Brewster on March 8th:

      There will be a public hearing of the LNG Siting Commission established earlier this year this coming Monday, May 22, at 11am in the Gardner Auditorium at the State House: We hope you will be able to attend.

      CLF, MassPIRG and the Coalition have been specifically invited to present; Bruce Berman of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, James McCaffrey of Sierra Club, and Jim Gomes of the Environmental League of Massachusetts, will present on behalf of the coalition.

      While most of us who testified on the 8th have not been specifically invited to appear, the committee will hear from those members of the public who wish to testify, as time allows.  We have also distributed copies of the testimony booklet from the hearing to the Commission staff, and Bruce has reviewed it with them in an effort to help the staff understand that there are significant economic, environmental, and recreational consequences to siting a facility in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park .

      While the primary purpose of the upcoming hearing is to better understand the broader questions around LNG facility siting, and not to discuss the relative merits of (or objections to!) particular proposals, it would be great if you could attend the hearing, and be prepared to speak briefly about your objections to the Outer Brewster proposal should it appear appropriate.

      Thanks for your hard work and for your continued support of this effort to protect our National Park!

      Lauren Thirer
      Environmental Policy Analyst and Development Associate
      Save the Harbor/Save the Bay
      286 Congress St. 7th floor
      Boston, MA 02210
      (617) 451-2860 x103
      (617) 451-0496 (f)
      Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is a public interest environmental advocacy organization made up of citizens, scientists, civic, cultural, corporate and community leaders dedicated to res to ring and protecting Bos to n Harbor and Massachusetts Bay for everyone to enjoy.

      Bill Scanlon
      USCG Master 50 GT Inland Waters
      Towing & Sailing Endorsements
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      1984 Catalina 30
      Std. Rig  Hull#  3688
      Winthrop (Mass.) Yacht Club
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