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Sails, boom for sale

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  • Ahmet
    I am about to pack up 5 bags of sails and ship them to Atlantic Marine Traders go get some money for it. They belong to the Bristol 26, condition unknown. I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2006
      I am about to pack up 5 bags of sails and ship them to Atlantic Marine Traders go get some money for it.
      They belong to the Bristol 26, condition unknown. I also have a 10 ft boom for that boat. I think some of the sails are for that boom.
      If there is any interest in them, I can pull them out and ake pictures. They are both mainsails and genoas.
      I know that one of the sails is a brand-new jibb for a MacGregor 26X
      Contact me off-line if there is any interest
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      Subject: [MassBaySailors] Fwd: Postcard from Outer Brewster. It's Back!!!!!

      Bruce Berman <bruce@...> wrote:
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      From: Bruce Berman <bruce@...>
      Subject: Postcard from Outer Brewster. It's Back!!!!!

      Postcard from Outer Brewster: It's Back!!!!!

      The special interest bill that would permit one out of state energy company to build the nation's largest LNG terminal and storage depot on Outer Brewster Island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park is back.

      On Thursday, the Massachusetts House discharged H 4500 from study, and referred it to the Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy, co-chaired by the bill's chief sponsor, Rep. Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill).

      At the request of Senator Robert Hedlund, a steadfast opponent of the proposal, the Senate tabled the bill, though they may take it up again as early as next week.

      Should the Senate vote to concur with the House, the bill - which was widely reported to be dead for the session- could come to the floor at any time for a vote without any further public hearings or discussion.

      Frankly we are both surprised and disappointed by the House's action, and hope that the Senate will not concur.

      The bill has already had one hearing, and was nearly unanimously referred to study. With more than 1/3 of the members of each chamber on the record in public opposition to the bill, and with a public hearing scheduled before the newly created LNG Siting Commission on May 22 to take a comprehensive look at the issue statewide, it seems particularly inappropriate to take further action on this special interest legislation at this time.

      The Boston Harbor Islands National Park is a critical recreational and natural resource, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. It belongs to all of us, and should not be for sale.

      As part of our ongoing effort to help decision makers and the public better understand the value of this great asset, today's Postcard From Outer Brewster features a photograph of a few of the nearly 500 area youth and families who joined Save the Harbor/Save the Bay on this year's free Marine Mammal Safari to Outer Brewster Island to see the seals with which we share the Harbor and the Bay.

      I have also attached a close up of two of the many cooperative seals we were lucky enough to see on our April 22 trips.

      Thanks to the Boston Herald and Photographer John Wilcox for the seal photo.



      ~~~~~~~/\~ ~/~~~~~~
      E. Bruce Berman, Jr.
      Communications Director
      Save the Harbor / Save the Bay



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