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Only 6 Weeks Away: The Global Celebration of Sailing on the Solstice

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Folks, If you go to the below site you can learn more and sign-up. The WYC Regatta Committee will organize something on this (these) day(s) to insure we
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2006
      If you go to the below site you can learn more and sign-up.  The WYC Regatta Committee will organize something on this (these) day(s) to insure we participate.
      The Global Celebration of Sailing on the Solstice
      Summer Sailstice is the global holiday celebrating sailing held annually on the summer solstice, the longest sailing day of the year. This international event was founded to connect the global sailing community in a fun, creative, multifaceted, multi-location sailing holiday.
      In 2006, Summer Sailstice enters it’s 6th year, uniting thousands of cruising sailors, yacht racers and pleasure boaters all over the world in celebration of wind, water and sailing. In December 2005, Summer Sailstice won the International Sailing Summit Award and in 2004 was named one of sailings “Top 10 Events” by Sailing Magazine.
      If you compete in the sport of sailing or just like to relax in the sailing lifestyle, Summer Sailstice applauds your desire to be out on the water under sail!
      Its easy to participate in Summer Sailstice and its free! Just sign up here and go sailing. Summer Sailstice participants who register here automatically become eligible to win over 200 prizes from our sponsors, from yacht charters to sailboats to gift certificates from top sailing retailers.
      Our online community at SummerSailstice.com allows you to quickly find others to join your crew for a raft up at a favorite sailing destination or create a sailboat party out on the water to celebrate the beginning of the summer sailing season ahead. No rules, no fees, no start time and no excuses not to go out and have fun!
      We encourage you to help us spread the word about this fun opportunity to celebrate the joy of sailing!
      Find out more
      Here's ten great reasons for you to join other Summer Sailstice sailors out on the water in June on the solstice:  
      1.       Just by signing up and going sailing on the solstice you're eligible to win over 200 prizes from our sponsors FOR FREE.
      2.       The summer solstice weekend has the longest sailing days of the year, you should be planning to go sailing anyway, RIGHT?
      3.       Post your plans and invite your friends - by letting everyone know where, when and how you're celebrating sailing you'll help create new sailing holiday traditions.
      4.       Sunday the 18th is Father's Day, where else would he rather be on the first day of summer?
      5.       You don't have to bake a turkey, wrap presents, dress in green, hide eggs OR march in a parade – but since Summer Sailstice is your holiday, you're free to develop your own creative “sailing on the Sailstice” traditions.
      6.       Because 20 years from now when Summer Sailstice becomes a three day holiday weekend with Monday off you'll remember how you helped get it all started.
      7.       Because all the clouds and rain will be in the Southern Hemisphere that day and sailors in the Northern Hemisphere will have 24 hours of sunshine!  Conversely, the opposite will happen on December 21st .
      8.       Let’s face it …everyone needs a deadline. If you don't have your boat ready for summer sailing by the solstice you've already missed too much of the sailing season
      9.       They say 'the meek shall inherit the earth, the brave get the oceans'. Be brave, sign up and go sailing.
      10.   Did we mention sailing, friends, parties, prizes - do you really need an excuse to go sailing on the longest day of the year?
      Here’s a bonus – send your best reason to go sailing on Summer Sailstice to john@... and we’ll add it to our list! 
      o        SIGN UP NOW!

      Bill Scanlon
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