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889RE: [MassBaySailors] Sailing Instructions in the Boston area

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  • richard usen
    Apr 11, 2006
      IMHO, the best way to learn to sail is spend a lot of time at the helm skippering a boat, learning the sweet spots etc. Where you do this depends on a lot of things. The next step is to get skipper experience, learning how to make decisions etc, based on weather, tides, currents, the works. This can be done as a passenger, or drinking a lot of beer w/ other sailors. The latter is very effective, but the former works too. You need to start the former by polishing and painting a boat, and mine comes to mind. Seriously, learning to sail requires time and experience, and there are some great books and magazines out there. I've been sailing for over 60 years and I usually learn something new from some of the stuff I read.
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      I strongly agree with Ahmet, and here is why;
      If you are going to learn sailing in the Metro Boston area you are most likely going to sail on or near the harbor which of course is “ocean” though costal day sailing.  Unless you sail on the Charles which is more closely aligned with “lake” sailing.
      If you are a beginner or sharpening your skills you may not fully understand the ASA, seamanship importance that Ahmet mentions.
      IMHO once you take sailing lessons you’ll most likely enjoy it and get hooked on sailing and everything will progress from there.  So most of us would suggest you start out learning as much and being exposed to as much as you can, even if it means spending a little more than you intended to.
      In the Boston area “my” personal preference, because I was a student/member there is BHSC.
      Though we have members of our group from most of the area sailing schools and they feel the same about theirs as well.    
      I think the first 2 listed below are the most popular sailing schools in Boston that prepare their students (those who chose to) for longer distance sailing (hence seamanship and coastal piloting).
      They each offer at least 2 services, sail training (class room and on-water) and seasonal membership for varying durations, boat class size, and rates. Obviously the larger the boats and the longer the membership the more expensive they are.
      I’ll speak of BHSC because of my familiarity with it, but please don’t quote me, I have not been a member since 1998.  If you go to their site you see all kinds of courses and memberships at varying prices some of which will make you gag.   Though, they do offer discounted/special programs.
      Here is what worked best for me, they often promote early & late season shortened programs to try and pad their mid-high season with students & members.  My first season at BHSC in 1995 I took their Coastal Cruising course that included several classroom session, several on-water training (about ½ on their Solings and the other ½ on their Pearson 26’s) sessions and a 30 day membership.  The program began right after labor day, by the time we finished the course, my 30 days of P26 membership ended up being more like 7 to 8 weeks (40 to 45 days) and I used it more than most, almost every Saturday & Sunday and a few evenings per week.  This cost me about $750, in 1995.    The same course is now being offered for $1,145. 
      Though seemingly pricey (it really isn’t if you knew the expense of owning, running & maintaining such a school/business) I feel this is a bargain.  I feel this course (and the equivalent at the other schools) will prepare you very well to crew on boats, first day sailing and then near coastal and eventually off-shore.  If you were to follow this training up with 1 or 2 seasons of membership you will be very “qualified” to become a sailboat owner.  Of ocurse if you took this April course and were to crew for other BHSC members and with many of us here at MassBaySailors by fall you could be moderately skilled an on your way to bare boating in the Carabean or saliboat ownership.   ;-)
      Of course you could go right out and buy a sailboat and get some on-board/on-water training and/or invited skilled crew to get you on your way.  Whatever works, thought the “training” is certainly a “safety” issue.
      If you go to their site now you’ll find they are offering a “Special”
      Now through Wednesday April 19th, the Club is offering special prices on many popular lesson and membership programs. The April No Fools Promotional Prices Expire Wednesday April 19, 2006 and are lower than any prices that will be offered from now through our May 1 opening including our Open House specials.

      Open Houses are April 22, 23 , 29 and 30. Be sure you are on
      our mailing list to receive an invitation.
      All instruction program prices include materials. Click on a class name to read more about it. Lesson packages include a 30 to 45-day student sailing period and class materials.
      Boston Harbor Sailing Club
      Rowes Wharf downtown Boston
      Instruction, Racing, Memberships, Charts, Clothing, Moorings
      (617) 720-0049
      Boston Harbor Sailing Club
      Rowes Wharf downtown Boston
      Instruction, Racing, Memberships, Charts, Clothing, Moorings
      (617) 720-0049
      Email: info@...
      Website: Boston Harbor Sailing Club
      ·         SailTime Boston
      Phone Inquiries
      Doug Giuliana, Base Owner
      Email Inquiries
      Email us at boston@...
      Discover Affordable Accessible Fractional Sailing with SailTime Boston

      It's the Hottest New Concept in Sailing. Just Point, Click, SAIL!

      Click here for our website
      • Courageous Sailing Center
        Charlestown Navy Yard Next to the Constitution
        617-242-3821 . . Fax:
        One First Ave.
        , Boston, MA 02129
        E-mail: Bryan@...
        Website: Courageous sailing center
      • Community Boating, Inc.
        On the
        Charles River next to Mass General Hospital
        617-523-1038 . . . Fax:
        21 Embankment Rd.
        , Boston, MA 02114
        Web site: www.community-boating.org
      • Boston Sailing Center
        North End
        Boston Lewis Wharf
        617-227-4198 . . . Fax:
        Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110
        e-mail: info@...
        web site: www.bostonsailingcenter.com
      • Can Am Windsurfing School
        617-661-7702 . . . Fax:
        48 Charles St.
        , Cambridge, MA 02141
        web site: www.ne-sports.com
      • Sailing and Small Craft Safety
        617-375-0700ext.4 . . .
        800-564-1234 . . . Fax: 617-375-0727
        American Red Cross,
        285 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
         North Shore
      • Atlantic Charters Boston/Marblehead
        Sailing Instruction | Sail Charters | Day Sail Rentals | Ocean Racing
        Atlantic Charters welcomes you to experience the thrill, excitement, and the pleasure of sailing. Whether you have never sailed before or you are an experienced sailor, we can meet your needs.
        Atlantic Charters 13 Drumlin Rd. Marblehead, MA 01945
        Phone: (781) 639-0055
        Web site: Atlantic-charters.com
      • Coastal Sailing School
        781-639-0553 or
        978 287-0707
        P.O. Box 1001
        , Marblehead, MA 01945
        Marblehead's oldest sailing school.  Adult instruction on cruising sailboats by Coast Guard licensed captains.  Group or    private lessons.  Excursion rides. Navigation training. Gift certificates for any occasion.  Sailboat rentals. Caribbean charters.  e-mail us for our latest newsletter.
        e-mail: bertw1@...
        web site: www.coastalsailingschool.com
      • Marblehead Sailing Center
        New England and the Caribbean
        For the Ultimate Atlantic Excursion Marblehead Sailing Center offers sailboat charters on boats from 20 ft. to 40 ft. Sit back and enjoy the ride, or take the helm.  
         South Shore
      ·         The Boating professor
      Training & private instructions, docking, boat handling, navigation. 
      • Old Colony Power Squadron 
        Spring 2002 Basic Boating Course 8 week course starting
        March 12, 2002 at 7:00PM South Shore Vo-tech Hanover, MA 
        Contact John Gardner at
        508-378-7928 or email: OldColonyPS@... for information Please visit our website www.usps.org/localusps/ocps
      • Duxbury Bay Maritime School  
        Selected by US Sailing as 1998's Best New Community Sailing Program. DBMS offers a curriculum for both juniors and adults that includes sailing, sailboat racing, seamanship, marine coastal ecology, navigation, boat building and repair, and
        Duxbury Bay history.
        Mattakeeset Court PO Box 263A Duxbury MA 02331
        Web: www.duxbayms.com 
        Email: dbms@...
      • Cohasset Sailing Club, Inc.
        P.O. Box 111
        , Cohasset, MA 02025
         Boating & Navigation Courses
      • Bare Cove Power & Sail Squadron  
        Winter 2001 Boating course schedule                 l Download Schedule Here
        South Hingham Middle school 
        1103 Main St.  (Route 228)
        For more information call
        (781) 749-2994 
        Visit our website @  www.usps.org/localusps/bare
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