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2906Source for aluminum & brass stock etc for tinkerers. & Shameless self-promotion

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  • Arnold Brown
    Jul 17, 2007
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      This is just to pass on info on a good source for raw materials or anyone inclined to repair/modify/tinker/invent things for your boats/trailers etc:
      There's a business in Woburn which sells structural aluminum, plate, rod, diamond plate, etc. by the pound.  I've bought materials there in the past for small repairs & projects:  

      Metal Source
      11 Forbes Road
      Woburn, MA 01801
      Tel: 781-932-0482
      Fax: 781-932-4265

      They're a small which basically sells off the cutoffs from Admiral Metals, a large provider of Aluminum, Brass, Stainless etc to industry. 
      The parent company's site has pretty good detail on what's available.
      Metal Source also has a website, but it's not as good:
      They're located off of Washington st.  Woburn, Rte 95 exit 36.

      I Hope this is helpful.   

      Arnold Brown

      P.S. If anyone is in need of crew for racing, I'm available & interested. :D