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2826LIFE-ALTERING EXPERIENCES / The Transpacific race from Los Angeles to Hawaii

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Jul 11, 2007


      Between California and Hawaii, surrounded by at least 1,500 miles of ocean
      in all directions, there is a special spot on planet Earth. It's not marked
      on nautical charts, but people who sail through never forget it. Before San
      Rafael, CA resident Timothy Ballard made his first ocean crossing in the
      2004 Pacific Cup race to Hawaii, people told him that a life-altering
      experience would happen somewhere around halfway.
      "It's hard to put into words," Ballard said. "On Day 10 I had these
      alligator tears coming down my eyes. We'd eaten some smoked oysters and fine
      cheese, the sunset was spectacular, and I had my whole crew on deck. I was
      thinking about my family, my life. My crewman said to me, 'You can go ahead
      and cry.' I was touched by how beautiful it was that we were doing this
      trip. These are important bonds we form at sea. Not a lot of people know
      this. We have a deep respect for each other that is not spoken, just known."
      Ballard will revisit this unnamed spot with extraordinary properties in July
      when he sails his boat, Inspired Environments, with a crew of six in the
      Transpacific race from Los Angeles to Hawaii. -- Jan Pehrson Marin
      Independent Journal, full story: http://www.marinij.com/sports/ci_6243779
      * Progress report: Inspired Environments is among the nine Division 6 racers
      and 14 Aloha A and B division boats that started on Monday, where it appears
      to be slow going from a look at the July 10th position report:


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