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2727Re: [MassBaySailors] Diesel fuel- where to buy?

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  • Dick Latour
    Jul 6, 2007
      I would really be careful with that kind of pump and a gas tank.  They are inherently hot and if you pull up any gas with it, you could make headlines.
      That being said you should be able to get one at a hardware store, especially Lowe's or Home Depot.
      Dick Latour
      ----- Original Message -----

      Thanks to all for my request for diesel fuel. I will keep Crystal Cove in mind for my next full fuel up. I needed a small amount of fuel to prime my Racor after it got filled 3/4 with water being pushed from the bottom of my tank as I fueled in East Boston last week. I didn't doubt there was a little water/ gunk at the bottom, but didn't realize it would show itself in this manner.

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