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  • Ahmet
    Mar 11, 2007
      There is a major difference between the community sailing schools and the professional,fASA and USSAIL certified places.
      The nonprofit small school basically teach you how to physically handle the sails, tacking, jibing etc. They teach you how to sail !
      The ASA certified schools teach you SEAMANSHIP !
      The rules of the road and lights etc are multi-day courses at ASA schools as opposed to a few hours at most.
      If I was looking for crew, I would not consider community sailing graduates as qualified sailors. (Not that I care, unless I needed to make a passage)
      So, if you want to learn seamanship, definitely look for a school that gives ASA or USSailing certifications. That is what will let you charter a boat etc.
      My preference is ASA and BHSC, but there are others as Barry mentioned
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      Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 4:36 PM
      Subject: Re: [MassBaySailors] Sailing lessons

      Both the Boston Sailing Center and Boston Harbor Sailing Center are for-profit, professional places.  You will sail in Boston Harbor for the beginners course and as far as Rockport on the cruising course.  My wife and both took lessons at BSC and were very satisfied.  Both of these are in downtown Boston.  There is plenty of parking nearby, but it is not free. Remember that parking is often discounted evenings and weekends.
      Community Boating, Piers Point, and Courageous are non-profits and are much less expensive alternatives.  The boats are smaller and the instruction is less professional.  Community Boating sails on the Charles with occasional field trips to the harbor.  Piers Point and Courageous sail in the inner harbor.  Paid parking is available for Community Boating in a lot across from Mass General Hospital.  Free, on-street parking is available at Piers Point and Courageous.  Eastie and Charlestown are closer than you would think to MetroWest thanks to the Big Dig.  I was a member at Community Boating for years.  The fluky river winds are a perfect place to hone sail trim skills and a good place to meet people.  At Community Boating, the members teach each other how to sail after some on-land classes.
      Take a membership (unless you are a boat owner) in any of these places.  It is not the lessons, but the practice that gives you competence and confidence.
      All of the places I have mentioned. except for Courageous, are a ten minute or less walk from MBTA subway stops.  I think an MBTA commuter boat goes to Courageous from the Boston Harbor Hotel.
      Let people know if you want to crew.  Boat owners are always looking for crew.

      On 3/10/07, Theresa <luvssailing1212@...> wrote:

      I'm planning on taking sailing lessons this spring, as I only have
      about 2 years experience. I need more help with trim, sailing on and
      off a mooring etc. I have looked into various centers in Boston area.
      I'm willing to travel further north or south to find the best place.
      Looking for members input as to their experience with various places.
      Since I'm driving from Metrowest area, parking is crucial.

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