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1As if we aren't on enough e-groups already

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  • catalina30ruby
    Nov 10, 2005
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      As if we aren't on enough e-groups already ;-)

      I find it very manageable if I put my e-groups on a daily-digest and
      then filter all my e-mail to folders by relevance & category.

      As the few of you who have already singed up for this site know (I
      have not yet done a mass mailing to my known sailors), my intent is
      to create/host an e-group forum for any & all Boston-metro are
      sailing enthusiasts. Hopefully, if it catches on, this forum will
      be comprised of a wide cross section of sailors i.e.; Sailboat
      Owner; Crew; Yacht Club sailors, Marina sailors, Sailing Clubs;
      Cruisers; Racers; Buyers; Sellers; Community Sailing and Racing,
      College Team Racers; Instructors; Students and anyone just wanting
      to get started in sailing in our area.

      So, that said, please feel free to share this e-mail and idea to any
      and all sailors you know that might appreciate the idea and enjoy
      being connected with it. Post the site, invite people via your own
      private e-mails or use the Yahoo E-Group "invite/promote" option.