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1287RE: [MassBaySailors] Looking for anchorages

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  • Julie Kaynor
    Jul 10, 2006
      Thank you all for your input.  Unfortunately after getting our rigging checked out we discovered some work that we needed to get done before we should go offshore.  As always one job led to 3 others and we've now run out of time for our trip.  I will save all of your suggestions and we will hopefully get to make the trip next year.  I'll keep you posted and look us up if any of you decide to head down to the Chesapeake
      Julie & Mark Kaynor
      Deltaville, VA

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      Hello Julie,

      At 09:32 PM 5/18/2006, you wrote:

      and need to figure out where our first stop will be - there's no  Verizon Broadband connectivity at Block Island so  it looks like we'll need to be on the mainland .  We have no  set itinerary other than plans to head up to a family

      I believe there is a Block Island Wireless access and it is free. I used my laptop there last summer and was pleasantly surprised to get connectivity. I am fairly certain I had connectivity from my boat in the harbor (anchorage). And I have Verizon DSL service!

      After Block Is, what's next? Cuttyhunk (Gosnold, MA) is about 40 miles from Block.  If planning on Cuttyhunk, pay attention to the guides. The inner harbor channel is a bit narrow.  I would suppose you'd becoming in through the western channel. (No fun in the dark!! )

      We pretty much need to stay  between New York City and Gloucester, MA to get the Internet connectivity  we need and thus be able to work . Does that narrow it down it down a bit?
      I don't think we'll be staying in any one place long enough to be considered  "live-aboards" (maybe a week or two in any one place at the most) so I'm not too concerned about that.  We would however like to find some places that are conducive to reprovisioning via dinghy, and really any places that are good for anchoring out and dinghying into.  The rest of the time we actually prefer quiet out of the way spots, if  possible.  This will be our first long cruise  up there so we are mainly wanting to actually make the trip up, hang out with family some, and do a little exploring.  We aren't too bothered about the big touristy areas, we know they will be very busy.  Given NOAAs latest hurricane predictions, any info on safe harbors / hurricane holes would also be greatly appreciated. 

      New Bedford Harbor (New Bedford, MA . south coast just beyond RI) and Salem Harbor (Salem, MA , Just before you get to Gloucester, MA). I used to have a mooring in Salem Harbor before my bride decide she preferred the warmer waters of Buzzards Bay and the environs (warmer caused by the Gulf Stream).

      I've been in New Bedford Harbor for a couple of years now, so am familiar with much of the area. Ne w Bedford was and still is a commercial fishing town. Very few tourists go there! (Good, no traffic jams like the Cape and Salem) <smile>

      Bob Early
      s/y Second Nature

      btw - here is a couple of websites for wireless availability:




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