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1251Fwd: You don't sail.

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  • Bill Scanlon
    Jun 29, 2006
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      This is from a SailNet E-Group Thread.  I don't particularly prescribe to many of the thoughts below, but I like the overall expressions, to a point.

      Here is the Scope of this Thread:

      1. If your boat sits in the slip for more than 28 days a month. You don't sail.
      2. If you are simply driving a floating RV...You don't sail.
      3. If you think a woman can't sail her 27 foot O'Day out of her slip singlehanded...You don't Sail.
      4. If you reef your sail in 15 knots of wind because you don't like to heel....You don't sail.
      5. If you don't go out when it's blowin 25 cause it's too windy...You don't sail.
      6. If you don't like the taste of Rum...You don't sail.

      You are a sailor if:

      1. You are somewhere in the world on your boat. (Cruising...Racing...Drinking...It Doesn't matter).
      2. You watch the NOAA Website and plan your appointments around the High Pressure System pushing out that nasty low
      3. You like to see your rail wet.
      4. Your golf clubs are dusty.
      5. You stink of Rum.
      6. You are leaving as soon as possible to sail somewhere in the world.
      7. You smell of salt water at Sunday Dinner.
      8. Your slip neighbor says..."I thought you left the marina because I have not seen your boat in a while.".
      9. You watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High with your kid and you think..."All I need is 32 feet of waterline and 18 knots Dude."
      10. If you can't find someone to sail...You just go out on your own.

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