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1053Re: Outer Brewster Island LNG site faces Park Service opposition

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  • Tim
    May 20, 2006
      Just a reminder, that no matter what happens with Outer Brewster,
      the Distrigas LNG terminal in Everette will NOT go away and LNG's
      will still come into Boston inner harbor due to increase in demand.
      The proposed site would be ADDITIONAL to the Everette terminal.

      Everyone could also boycott using any natural gas this winter...lol.

      --- In MassBaySailors@yahoogroups.com, Bill Scanlon
      <Catalina30Ruby@...> wrote:
      > Outer Brewster Island LNG site faces Park Service opposition
      > By Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff | May 18, 2006
      > The National Park Service is objecting to the proposed
      development of a liquefied natural gas terminal on Outer Brewster
      Island, and is telling Governor Mitt Romney that the plan would
      violate the agreements that allowed the state to acquire the island.
      > In a strongly worded letter, the Park Service's Northeast
      regional director, Mary A. Bomar,suggested that the development
      would be an inappropriate use of a National Park area. ''The
      proposed LNG terminal would not only have an adverse impact on Outer
      Brewster Island, the habitat it provides, and visitors to the
      national recreation area, but would also have a potential negative
      impact on other islands within the park," Bomar wrote.
      > ''Recreational boaters, fishermen and divers, due to security
      and safety concerns, might be restricted from using the area they
      have enjoyed for years," she said.
      > ''An LNG facility would also set a dangerous precedent and send
      a message that units of the National Park System are available for
      exploitation," Bomar asserted.
      > But James A. Aloisi Jr., a Boston lawyer now working on the
      project for the developer, AES Corp., said that such a use would
      hardly be unprecedented. In a letter directed to the governor and
      dated April 27, Aloisi challenged the notion that the development of
      the harbor island would represent an unfair taking of park area,
      noting that others have been used privately.
      > ''Rather it would allow the use of the island for non-park uses,
      such as currently occurs on Deer Island [a wastewater treatment
      plant], Moon Island [a fire training and a shooting practice range],
      Thompson Island [a private school], and Long Island [City of Boston
      homeless and healthcare services]," he wrote.
      > Two months ago, the proposal by AES to build a liquefied natural
      gas terminal on the island seemed dormant when a legislative
      committee that had held hearings on the measure tabled it.
      > But last week, the state House voted to move the bill out of
      study and directed it to a different committee, which is headed by
      the bill's chief sponsor, Representative Brian Dempsey, a Haverhill
      Democrat, where it would presumably face an easier vote.
      > Dempsey did not return a telephone call yesterday.
      > Moving the bill to Dempsey's committee requires a concurrence
      vote in the Senate, which supporters and opponents of the bill say
      should take place today.
      > The bill, as written, gave the Virginia company a right to
      develop the island for a liquefied natural gas terminal -- a move
      its supporters said would offer the advantage of bringing LNG
      shipments safely offshore. Since Sept. 11, 2001, officials have
      become concerned that a terrorist attack on an LNG tanker delivering
      to a terminal in Everett could devastate Boston neighborhoods.
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