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1045RE: [MassBaySailors] Looking for anchorages

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  • Ahmet
    May 19, 2006
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      Yes you should be able to. There are some areas where the town has prohibited anchoring, but that is fairly seldom.
      If you have a time limit and would like to hurry, or would like to get some safe offshore experience I can see you going directly to Block Island.
      The times I came up from down there, I went through New York and the East River. It is an interesting experience.. sort of different than your standard sailing/cruising.
      If you a memeber of a recipro..  yacht club, or even if you are not, you should be able to find a place for a night or two in Brookline.
      Then you can stay in Huntington, or Oyster Bay, Mt Sinai, and Montouk.
      No matter which way to go, there is great anchorage in lake Montauk.
      COntinuing on, you should not miss (obviously) Block Island, Cuttyhunk adn the Massachusetts Islands.
      You should make sure that besides mud, you also have ground tackle that can handle kelp, and grass. Although there are rocky areas as you go up north, most of our area is mud, so a Danforth does well. But some places, like Cuttyhunk are a bit more difficult to anchor, especially in the more protected areas, because they are designated as mooring fields.
      You should get the Maptech Cruising guide. It has pretty good information, pictures etc

      Julie Kaynor <jkaynor@...> wrote:
      So if we stayed in 'not so busy' areas most of the time, Ahmet, we'd probably manage to anchor out?

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      The Mooring rates are not more than $30-$40/night, but could be less.
      There are plenty of anchorages, although if you get close to cities, most people grab a mooring or slip.

      Julie Kaynor <jkaynor@...> wrote:
      I joined the MassBaySailors list a couple of months ago hoping to get some info about good places to visit in your area.  My husband and I are hoping to head up there from the Chesapeake this summer on our Tayana 37.   Mark's parents live in West Hartford and he has many relatives in the Mass area so our main intent is to come and visit family and work from the boat.  I am under the impression that anchorages are few and far between, I suspect we are spoilt on the Chesapeake with so many free anchorages its just a matter of picking which one.  Could you give me a little insight into this is your area?  Am I correct in my understanding that mostly we would need to pick up moorings?  How much would we usually pay and are they fairly numerous?   
      Any recommendations for cruising guides would also be appreciated 
      looking forward to hearing from you
      Julie Kaynor
      s/v Rachel

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