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Masjid Ibrahim Weekly Annoucements: Wills & Testament Workshop with Dr. Jibaly

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  • Austin Dawah
    In this message: 17th - 18th: Wills and Testament -- An Islamic Workshop Ramadhaan Fundraising Will & Testament -- An Islamic Workshop Date Friday - Saturday
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2003
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      Will & Testament -- An Islamic Workshop
      Friday - Saturday (October 17th - 18th)

      Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Jibaly

      Friday, October 17th:

      1:00 pm
      Jumu'ah Khutbah: Obligating of writing an Islamic Will
      7:00 - 7:45 pm Dinner & Maghrib -- Aqeeqah Dinner of Tasnim Djadi, daughter of Djadi family.
      8:45 - 9:00
      Blueprint of an Islamic Will.

      Saturday, October 18th:

      5:00 pm
      Asr Prayer
      5:15 - 7:00 pm
      Wills & Testament Workshop
      7:00 - 7:45 pm
      Dinner & Maghrib
      7:45 - 8:45 pm
      Wills & Testament Workshop (Contd.)
      8:45 pm
      9:05 pm
      Q&A and Conclusion


      Notary Service, 
      Sisters' Special Session with Umm Abdullah, 
      New Books and Tapes at Muadh Ibn Jabal Bookstore!
      Ramadhaan Fundraising
      Masjid Ibrahim Ramadhaan fundraising is scheduled for Friday, October 31st inshaAllaah.  Please mark your calendar from now and help the future Masjid project in the South.

      Masjid Ibrahim
      1701 W. Ben White Blvd Bldg 3
      Austin, TX 78704

      512-MY-DAWAH (693-2924) | admin@... | www.IbrahimMosque.org

      Click here for directions to the masjid.

      Masjid Ibrahim is a project of Callers to Islam - a non-profit organization wholly dependent on donations. Please click here to support the Masjid activities. 
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