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Torque plate for rent

Dear All, We are a chatty bunch aren't we, compared to the SM and Maserati-GT guys! I'm still rebuilding my 74 Merak engine. When I stripped it down I
May 8, 2009

Re: Biturbo Parts for Sale

Hi Ben I have looked at the wheels on ebay... more than interested. I need more details..width etc. I am on holidays so email is hard, please ring my mobile
Jul 19, 2007

Biturbo Parts for Sale

Hello! I have a few Biturbo parts for sale on Ebay. I am selling :- Front struts Brake calipers Crossmember Wheels and some other smaller parts. Cheers Ben J
Ben J
Jul 17, 2007

OZMaserati is back!

Nick Luker, the original moderator of the OZMaserati group has been found, the spammers dispensed and the files cleaned of their efforts. All future new
May 26, 2007

Re: First Posting

The Mistral is (reportedly) complete. 60000km, was pulled apart by a guy in Sydney in the early 80's and has stayed like that. I got it a year or so ago. There
Keith Woollard
May 2, 2007


Well, my car is still in trying to get a few things sorted out before I get a roadworthy. Its just been imported from the UK to Melbourne and needs a little
    Quincey, Julian
    May 2, 2007
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    Re: First Posting

    Keith, Now that shows a lot of courage! Have you got the rest of the Mistral? Peter
    May 2, 2007

    Re: First Posting

    I have just added a few Keith meraks80 wrote: Because we don't often see an example of this model I have posted a photo in the group photo files of Tim
    Keith Woollard
    May 2, 2007

    First Posting

    Because we don't often see an example of this model I have posted a photo in the group photo files of Tim Stanford's 1979 Kyalami waiting for the start of the
    May 1, 2007

    MaseratiAU Group to replace OZMaserati Group

    Hello to all of you. I have started this new Australian Maserati Group to replace the OZMaserati Group which had been overcome with spammers which we were
    Apr 17, 2007
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