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154Announcements for Maryland Returned Volunteers - July 28, 2003

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  • hugopickens
    Jul 28, 2003
      Announcements for Maryland Returned Volunteers - July 28, 2003

      President's Resignation

      The officers of the Maryland Returned sadly announce that Brian Dulay
      has presented his resignation as President of the Maryland Returned
      Volunteers. Brian has just started a new job and with his new
      responsibilities is no longer able to make the time commitment
      necessary to lead our group. We owe an immense debt of gratitude for
      all the work Brian has done over the past two years leading the
      Maryland Returned Volunteers to get out group going again and bringing
      it up to our present membership of 130 members. We wish Brian the
      best and express our gratitude that he will continue to give us the
      benefit of his experience and judgment as a member of our Board of

      New Elections

      As Acting President along with the other officers we have decided to
      call elections for new officers. Our group's Treasurer, Joanna Allen,
      will head the election committee and will be responsible for preparing
      the ballot, mailing it out, and supervising the counting of votes.

      The organization of our group is comprised of 4 officers and 4 members
      of the Board. As Past President Brian automatically becomes a member
      of the board so the new election will be for the four officer
      positions and three members of the board. The current officers, Hugh
      Pickens (Acting President), Christa Bucks-Camacho
      (Secretary/Newsletter Editor), Joanna Allen (Treasurer) will be
      running for re-election for their current officer positions.

      If anyone has an interest in an officer position or a board position
      and has the time to commit, please call Joanna Allen at 410-823-7246
      or call me at 410-669-2383 to get your name on the ballot.
      Nominations will close on August 17 and we will be mailing out ballots
      to our membership on August 20. Completed ballots will be due back on
      August 30.

      Annual Meeting of NPCA

      My wife and I will be leaving for Portland, Oregon on July 31 to
      attend the NPCA President's Forum and Board of Director's meeting at
      the Annual General Meeting of the National Peace Corps Association
      (NPCA). If any member has an issue they would like to have brought up
      at the meeting, please call me at 410-669-2383 before Wednesday.


      There is no Happy Hour in August.

      We will be having our Annual Picnic on Saturday, September 20 at Tom
      Jacob's farm the same as last year. Last year, as you remember, our
      guest speaker was Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez. Our special
      speaker this year will be Kevin Quigley, the new President of the
      NPCA, who will talk to us about the future of the NPCA. We will be
      having a planning session for the picnic on Sunday, August 24 from 10
      am to 12. We are going to need about half a dozen volunteers to help
      us transport and set up tables, man our membership table, run the
      bar-b-q, and clean up. Please send me an email if you can attend the
      planning session on August 24 or help out at the picnic.

      Best Regards,

      Hugh Pickens
      Maryland Returned Volunteers