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151MD RPCVs - Peace Corps needs your help - Make a call today

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  • hugopickens
    Jul 15, 2003
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      The Peace Corps needs your help - Make a call today.

      The Peace Corps Appropriations in Congress for next year is in

      The NPCA's Advocacy Chairman has just sent out an email that the
      Appropriations Bill for the Peace Corps is in trouble in Congress.
      The bill approved by the Foreign Operations Subcommittee of the House
      Appropriations Committee would fund the Peace Corps at $314 million,
      which is $45 million below the President's request of $359

      The leadership of the Maryland Returned Volunteers has decided to make
      this an advocacy issue for our group and is asking for your help.

      Senator Mikulski is one of 15 Senators who sit on the Foreign
      Operations Subcommittee who will decide how much money the Peace Corps
      gets for FY2004 in the Senate Appropriations Bill. Her support is
      going to be crucial is making sure that the Peace Corps gets its full
      appropriation for next year. More details are available on the web at:


      We would like to ask you to take 5 minutes and make a phone call for
      the Peace Corps. Maybe you have never made a call before to your
      Senator. We just made our call and it is very easy. Just follow these

      1. Please call Senator Mikulski's office at 202-224-4654.

      2. Tell the Congressional Aide who answers the phone, your name, that
      you are a Maryland voter, and where you live.

      3. Tell them that you served in the Peace Corps and when and where
      you served.

      4. Tell them that you know that Senator Mikulski is a member of the
      Foreign Operations Subcommittee and that you understand that the
      subcommittee is going to meet on Thursday, July 17 to mark up the
      Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill.

      5. Tell them that you would like to ask Senator Mikulski to support
      the full appropriation of $359 million for the Peace Corps in the
      appropriations bill.

      6. Send an email to HugoPickens@... after you've made your call
      so we can keep a running tally. To go any good, we need to make our
      calls today or tomorrow.

      Thanks for your help,

      Hugh Pickens
      Vice-President, Maryland Returned Volunteers
      Peru, 1970 - 73