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141New Maryland RPCV Listserv

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  • hugopickens
    Apr 30, 2003
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      The Maryland Returned Volunteers are pleased to announce that this
      week we are starting a second listserv.

      The new listserv will not replace our established listserv but
      supplement it. Our original listserv (that you are reading now) will
      continue to be used for announcements of events and meetings that are
      officially sponsored by the Maryland Returned Volunteers.

      The new listserv - to be called the "Maryland Returned Volunteers Open
      Discussion Group" - will be an unmoderated listserv where any Maryland
      Volunteer can post announcements or messages that he or she thinks
      will be of interest to Maryland RPCVs.

      We invite you to join our new "Open Discussion" listserv and hear what
      other RPCVs have to say. You will be receiving an email invitation to
      join the new listserv in the next few days. Just follow the
      directions in the email to join the new listserv. Membership in the
      new listserv is totally voluntary and will not affect your membership
      in this listserv.

      We encourage you to join.