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129Help Pass the new Peace Corps Bill in Congress

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  • hugopickens
    Mar 4 5:52 PM
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      Please take two minutes and
      email a message to Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez at
      GVasquez@... and ask him to endorse Peace Corps Bill
      HR250. This is the same bill that Senator Dodd introduced in
      the Senate last year that passed by unanimous consent with
      Director Vasquez's previous endorsement but that unfortunately
      died in the House of Representatives before it could be voted on.

      The bill makes funds available to double the size of the Peace
      Corps, it reinforces the independence of the Peace Corps, and it
      creates an independent Innovation Fund of $10M that will be made
      available to RPCVs for Third Goal projects.

      If Returned Volunteers and the Peace Corps can work together,
      they can get this bill passed this year. Its successful passage
      will be a milestone in Peace Corps History and part of Director
      Vasquez's legacy as Peace Corps Director for years to come. Send
      your email to the Director at GVasquez@... ask him to
      throw his support behind HR250. If you would like your message
      to be added to a petition that will be sent to the Peace Corps
      then cc a blind copy of your message to PeaceCorpsRPCVs@...
      Read more about the bill and help RPCVs work for its passage at: