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Happy New Year! Annyong!

Happy New Year to the group. The more active stuff & events are happening on the meetup group below: http://www.meetup.com/koreans/
Korea Pod
Jan 7, 2009

help!!!! can you do me a faver?

Hey, can you do me a favour? I'm looking for korean singles! This is all about Korean singles and Korean romance. wanna meet more korean friends? interested in
Aug 22, 2007

Weekly Meetings - learn more here...

Hello - Thanks for joining! This Yahoo! Groups is active as a group on Meetup.com (which allows non-Yahoo members as well). The group on Meetup.com has
Korea Pod
Nov 10, 2006

First Meeting Nov. 7

Hello - Thanks for joining! I've started a group on Meetup.com to give details (and will post them here as well) about the weekly meetings:
Korea Pod
Oct 31, 2006

Re: Welcome to Korean Culture Maryland DC!

Annyong Haseyo, I'm looking for someone who can help me design some good korean greeting cards. Ryan ... get ... joining, ... or
Oct 28, 2006

Welcome to Korean Culture Maryland DC!

Annyong Haseyo - Hello! Just getting started, and if you join you get a special prize (well, you get on the mailing list!). After joining, send a message to
Korea Pod
Oct 25, 2006
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