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  • Charles
    Remember that the last time around they gave a break to huge herds in that they didn t all have to be tagged, or chipped. Small farms and herds had to tag or
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      Remember that the last time around they  gave a break to huge herds in that they didn’t all have to be tagged, or chipped.  Small farms and herds had to tag or chip each animal. 

      Basically, the bigger you are, the easier they make it for you, and the small operation gets stuck with the onus of extra work. 



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      I agree with Charles that food safety is the argument which is allowing this program to resurface so many times. The odd thing about it is that the large food producing corporations are pushing for what appears to be more regulation... then you realize that they are actually pushing to tag or shut down everything they don't own and control yet. 


      It is not the government per se, that is pushing this program, but the corporate food companies positioning legislators to pursue it. When you hear terms like "stakeholders" and "the national herd" in what is supposed to be a government function, privatization of public assets is behind it. It seems to be the same kind of snuffing out of individual food growers which Monsanto is launching against organic seed farmers.


      As for elected officials... there is so much money behind this that opposition doesn't have a chance to make an impact unless you (the collective you) are willing to run for office.




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      They can already track animals it is just propaganda!

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      I think the problem is that they are listening, just not to the right people.

      People want safe food.  The idea is that tracking every animal will make food safer.  It will be pushed by the animal tracking technology people (chip makers and such).  Will it work?  Doubt it, but it sure feels like we are doing something.  And, the politician can say “I’m working to make food safer”, and who is going to be against that?


      PS: No guarantee the new people you vote in will be any better.


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      to dump every Federal politician.


      In every election from now on I will STRONGLY consider voting against
      EVERY incumbent
      until they start caring about what the people want who sent them there.

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