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Re: [MarvWalkerHorses] Drunken Cowboy

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  • Linda
    That s too fun. I ll have to find it in one of your videos before I try it, but try it i will! thanks Marv Linda On 3/14/2013 6:28 PM, Marv Walker wrote: At
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      That's too fun.  I'll have to find it in one of your videos before I try it, but try it i will!

      thanks Marv

      On 3/14/2013 6:28 PM, Marv Walker wrote:

      At 04:56 PM 3/14/2013, you wrote:


      Hi Marv,

      i have never heard your drunmken cowboy story.  Is it on your site somewhere or would you share here with those of us who might be in the dark?  Sounds intriguing.

      thanks you,

      Mr. Walker,
      After about 6 months messing around with your teachings this is my conclusion....
      All these top horse gurus that go around the country doing demos and such are no different
      than a magician doing a show. You have made the videos no magician wants anyone to see.
      I lack feel, timing, rhythm, mind reading ability, and all the other mystical horse guru abilities
      needed, but I can bring a horse into compliance and get every horse so far to do whatever I
      want with little problem. Riding ability to know where the feet are from the saddle is the only
      thing slowing my higher level training.
      One thing that I find interesting... I love doing the drunk cowboy tack up. I quit doing it where
      it was possible for anyone else to see. I got tired of random people coming over to show me
      the "correct" way to tack up a horse. It was funny everyone chose to label my behavior as
      "very disrespectful" towards my horse. I always got informed if I had a "higher level" type horse
      like them I would get seriously hurt from my lack of skills. I always gave the sarcastic answer
      along the lines of this was one of those unbroke, free to anyone who can catch her horses so
      she has very low handler expectations.

      It's in one of my DVDs somewhere.

      The "Drunken Cowboy" is tacking your horse every way possible before finally tacking the correct
      way.  I may put the saddle on upside down and cross ways.  I may slide it on the horse from its head
      or from its rear.  I may put it on backwards, I may even have it dangling off the horse's side.  And
      I do the same with the bridle.

      The object is to teach the horse there will be no pattern to the tacking for it to follow and
      anticipate.  That way if I get a charley horse (Oooh!  That's punny!) and have to drop the saddle
      or something happens and the saddle goes where it is not supposed to be, the horse essentially says,
      "Just another one of those things that happens all the time.  I need to watch this guy just to see
      what's going to happen next."

      Once it reaches that point I hardly ever "get drunk" again.

      Make sense?

      Marv "My grandpa drank to steady his nerves.  Sometimes he'd get so steady he couldn't move." Walker
      Horse Info, Training DVDs, eBooks - http://MarvWalker.com
      Horses Who Heal ~ http://BraveMeadows.com

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