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RE: [MarvWalkerHorses] Janis--to Jean and others...

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  • Connie B
    Jean You better not stop posting. That was one thing I noticed about Janis she wasn t asking for money she was just letting all of us know what was happening.
    Message 1 of 102 , Nov 1, 2006
      Jean You better not stop posting.
      That was one thing I noticed about Janis she wasn't asking for money she was just letting all of us know what was happening.
      You know some of us learn from our mistakes and then some of us keep making the same mistakes over and over.
      There comes a day that you wake up and you don't want to go on, then you look around and see what you have, you then take one day at a time and try and not look back at the mistakes that got you in to this in the first place.

      Jean <smoothspots38@...> wrote:
      Nothing personal, I ws just replying to what you wrote (below). 
      As far as "old" listers--I am one of the originals!
      And of course, there are many sides to any story.  I was just trying to defend an old friend who is no longer here, anyway...
      So, I will stop posting also.

      Mustang Amy <mustangamy@collierc lan.com> wrote:
      Maybe you need to chat more with some of the “old” list members.  Not all of them feel the same way you do. 
      Anyway, don’t make this MY issue….I didn’t bring it up.

      From: Jean [mailto:smoothspots 38@yahoo. com]
      Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 8:28 PM
      To: MarvWalkerHorses@ yahoogroups. com
      Subject: [MarvWalkerHorses] Janis--to Amy and others...
      To Amy and others:
      Many of you were not here when Janis was a regular part of the list.  She used to do rescue and she has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and insight.  She used to maintain a website and data base on blind horses that was of a lot of interest to me, since I have one.  She used to rescue other animals, too, and that is why she signed "Janis and the Zoo". That was sort of her nickname, and that is how we would remember her.
      Several of the "old" listers have met her, some went to her place and some communicated directly with the "hay guy" the animal control people, and the utility companies. The only reason we sent money before was to help with her horses when she was in a very bad situation.  Most of those horses are dead now.  They were blind, crippled "throw-aways" and when she could no longer care for them, they were put down.  Maybe for the best, but heart-breaking none the less!  That was about 6 or 7 years ago.  A lot has happened to her since then, and as I said before, much of it can be documented-- she is not making this up.
      Anyway, she did not come to the list to ask for money.  She just wanted to touch base with some old friends and talk about horses.  If you check, she made several posts before she even told us about what has been going on in her life lately.  She chimed in to discuss bondering, abused horses, TTouch and mounting blocks. In revealing her horrible life, she was only asking for sympathy and a little understanding.  Yes, she has problems--anyone who stays with an abusive husband, regardless of the reason, is something I cannot fathom myself!  Yes, some of it is her own fault--people make poor choices, we are all weak and stupid at times. And yes, she is in treatment for her grief, her physical pain and her mental problems.
      She  has left the list, and she is right--it is not the same caring, supportive group of people that it used to be.  I have been writing to her, and she has asked about several of our old friends. I was surprised to realize how many have dropped out.
      All things change, that is life, but it does make me very sad...

      Mustang Amy <mustangamy@collierc lan.com> wrote:
      Nobody is confusing Janis with Cindi.  It’s VERY sad that Janis has to deal with all of those problems (IF they are true); however, there is a pattern with her messages.  She doesn’t come to the list for sympathy or emotional support.  I’ve never seen her participate in the list regularly.  There is always an underlying need for money, yet how does she afford this “zoo” of hers?  If I was living on $174 a month I certainly wouldn’t have ANY animals, nor would I have a computer.  I would ask that my daughter buy me food each month instead of internet service.  I would also NEVER take, nor ask for, money from internet “friends”.  I have sent money to someone on this list before, but it was to save a horse.
      Whatever the truth is, I believe that Janis has a very sad life and that she needs to see a psychiatrist (seriously). 


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      Everything that lives,
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    • susie_piepony
      ... Annette, give your Dad a hug for me. My mother left when I was 10 and my sister just 8yrs. (She completed her midwifery training, earned more than Dad, was
      Message 102 of 102 , Nov 6, 2006
        --- In MarvWalkerHorses@yahoogroups.com, "Mustang Amy"
        <mustangamy@...> wrote:
        Annette, give your Dad a hug for me. My mother left when I was 10
        and my sister just 8yrs. (She completed her midwifery training,
        earned more than Dad, was not asked for maintenance and sued for
        half the property. Dad took a 2nd mortgage, kept all of us,was never
        in debt, but I had no idea how close to the breadline we lived.I was
        never hungry.) He also cared for his elderly parents, grew
        vegetables for all of us and worked full time. He had a date when I
        was 21, and then asked me how he could let the lady down gently as
        she wanted to move in. He always made our home a friendly place for
        our friends and usually took a full car load to Pony Club and Young
        Farmers meetings and dances.He would wait at the bar/coffee lounge
        or get the very young and very old joining in.He threatened to sell
        my pony when at 13 I looked as if I might find boys interesting, I
        would n't have time for both, which did i want? Boys waited another
        6+yrs! He took us to church and whena lady moved from Uganda, very
        rare to see people of a different colour at that time, he asked her
        if I might meet her, talk with her and hear about someone else's
        life. He knew me better than I did. He tolerated my selfish lacking
        compassion teens and let me discuss anything. He blushed terribly
        when asked about menstruation, buying bra's etc, so he always got
        asked anything that might get a reaction. He packed a lot in and
        loved me enough for several lifetimes, so even though he died in
        1981, I never wonder if I was loved. His funeral made me so proud,
        people I did not know kept telling me of kindesses and help he had
        given, to the old folks home, the childrens home, lots of
        individuals, I have no idea where he found the time or energy.
        So go on, give your Dad a hug for me, he is like my Dad and deserves
        recognition whilst he is here.
        Even the night he died 2 lads I knew had called by with a car
        problem, Dad could do anything with wood, but he was no mechanic,
        but he went and gave them a push after making them a pot of tea.

        I think when there are problems a man sticks it out, most divorces
        are initiated by women, who may not have told their husbands they
        have a problem!
        Enough I am supposed to be reading all the homework Gwen sets on her
        fantastic, interesting and laugh a minute hoof course.
        Love Susie xx

        > Annette, your dad is a true GEM!! What a wonderful man! No
        wonder you are
        > so proud of him.
        > Unfortunately, Don is right. Have you noticed how many men leave
        > families to fend for themselves? The ones who actually take
        > like your father, deserve much more recognition than they get.
        > Then again, I've known women, too, who crumble and leave others to
        take on
        > their responsibilities...
        > Amy
        > -----Original Message-----
        > From: Annette Carter [mailto:borderbratz@...]
        > Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 7:39 PM
        > To: MarvWalkerHorses@yahoogroups.com
        > Subject: Re: [MarvWalkerHorses] OT Vent
        > Don,
        > Don't sell men so short. My dad was saddled with a
        > pre-teen daughter when my mom left us. He was a cop,
        > and worked swing shifts. We didn't just make out ok,
        > we did pretty fabulous in spite of all the obstacles
        > we had facing us.
        > He raised me to always apply myself fully to any task
        > I set out to accomplish and never give up until it's
        > done. He raised me to always want to learn something
        > new and as a result I'm at least interesting to talk
        > to. Tenacity, Loyalty, Courage, Committment, and
        > Adaptability - these are just some of the things my
        > single father managed to inspire in me.
        > If you hadn't guessed, I think I have the most
        > wonderful father on the planet ;) I'm sure there were
        > times when he wanted to crumble but necessity dictated
        > that he could not. So he never did. Heck he never even
        > dated until I was 19 - which bothers me but that is
        > another story.
        > Annette
        > --- Don <serenityhill@...> wrote:
        > Most men would
        > > crumble under those circumstances,
        > Annette
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