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RE: [MarvWalkerHorses] Re: I was attacked today by a mare

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  • Cj Newcomb
    I know this is not a solution to the original posterĀ - but I have always had a rule - any horse that exhibits aggressive behavior towards humans doesn t stay
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2009
      I know this is not a solution to the original poster - but I have always had a rule - any horse that exhibits aggressive behavior towards humans doesn't stay on my farm.  I passed up a beautiful Zan Parr Barr yearling at a fabulous price once because she was a kicker.  I have too many kids on my farm to risk it.

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      I wonder if this horse has a serious hormone imbalance (as well as some disrespect issues). I bet spaying her would help.


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      At 04:15 PM 2/25/2009, you wrote:
      >Hi Today a mare attacked me. Little history on me. I am 42 a woman
      >and own my own horses. I have worked at stables and done training
      >for 12 years. I am not a slap happy person only time I have ever hit
      >a horse in the neck is when I have been bit.
      > I work at a stable of 25 horses. There is a mre at my work
      > and she is just not rite. She always trys to bite when you feed her
      > lead her everything. Pushy will run over you.. I do not allow this
      > and she walk very well for me. Today I had to put a sheet on her
      > had her in crass ties as soon as I reach to clip her she tried to
      > bite. I continued putting on her sheet and unclipped one cross tie
      > then when I went to unclip the other she didnt nip she lunged at me
      > and almost knocked me over. I yell off because she wouldnt let go
      > so I hit her in the neck to let go of me she jumped bacl struck at
      > me and lunged at me again at this point ears fllat on her head
      > teeth showing I had a second to react because she was coming at me
      > again so I swung the lead rope and said back off of me now very
      > firm. She did and acting like nothing happened and I led her out
      > with no problem. What on earth is wrong with this horses she snaps
      > for no reason and she trys to do you in. The girl who owns her is
      > slap happy I have sen her slap and kick at her for anything and
      > everything. I told my boss that horse could have killed me she is a
      > 17 hand oldenburg mare. I was alone at the barn bad situation. I
      > told the owner she said oh yea shes weird like that. Something is
      > wrong with this horse and a child or another person may not be so
      > lucky next time I may not be. I am only 5'2 105 pound I am not big.
      > Please any advice will be of help. Thank you

      My advice is to keep as much distance as you can between you and this
      horse. As you said, next time you may not be so lucky.

      Since this horse is not yours there is little you can do to correct the
      situation without getting on the wrong side of the BO and/or the HO.

      People who can handle the situation or don't see the situation the same
      way you do if at all certainly won't accept any of your attempts to
      correct it. After all, that's just the way she is, work around her.

      I don't know of any human who is big enough to take on a determined
      aggressive horse. If I suspect a horse will exhibit aggressive behavior
      I will be ready to rain on its parade the INSTANT it gives me ANY
      indication it's thinking about it. I won't care where I hit or how I hit it
      and I will continue to hit until it backs off or it has come out ahead.
      I will make it think it has died and only memories remain.

      Horse to human aggression is not allowed. It is a capital offense in
      my book. If the horse did that to a higher ranked horse the higher
      ranked horse wouldn't be the least bit concerned about hurting it
      or its feelings.

      Warmbloods are quite often quirky mostly do to the way they are handled
      and ridden.

      My advice is choose between you and your job. It kind of sounds to me
      like there is little interest in safety.

      Marv "I think my imaginary friend stole my identity." Walker

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