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Fwd: ] 80 head of horses seized need imediate help!

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    forwarding to anyone who can help..see below.. Horse Helping wrote: Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 13:38:46 -0600 From: Horse Helping
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      forwarding to anyone who can help..see below..

      Horse Helping <horsehelping@...> wrote:
      Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 13:38:46 -0600
      From: "Horse Helping" <horsehelping@...>
      Subject: Fw: [AnotherChance4Horses] 80 head of horses seized need imediate help!
      To: "SDH-ResQ4Donations" <SaveDaHorses-RescuesforDonations@yahoogroups.com>

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      Please crosspost and forward.
      This email is to let everyone know that there was a seizure of a large amount of horses and a LOT of help is going to be needed.  
      After AC4H corresponded with the Executive Director of the SPCA we offered to get the word out about the urgent needs on their behalf.  All involved are exhausted literally having worked 12 - 16 hours throughout the last week to get this accomplished.
      Unfortunately, at the moment no detailed information can be given out due to this being a seizure and literally only ending late last evening when the final two horses were off the property.  Organization is still happening. 
      Things that are urgently needed...
      People to call/email to get supplies donated or discounted. 
      Funds - we will have information as to where to send your tax deductible gift of life very soon.  We expect by Tuesday.  We will accept pledges for funds at info@... until Tuesday at which time we can supply the address or paypal address to actually send your life saving gift.
      Hay - First cutting Timothy and grass hay immediately.  Other kinds of course will be needed after careful start to feeding program alfalpha hay, pellets or cubes.
      Grain - Safe Start, Mare and Foal initially other higher protein can be used later and will also be accepted.
      Wormer - about 160 tubes needed of Safeguard and 80 tubes of Ivemectin and 80 tubes of Gold.
      Medicated shampoo & Thrushbuster
      Gas cards for the transporters greaty appreciated.
      Farriers and equine dentists - who will donate services for a meal and gas money.
      Blankets - used but in good shape or new appreciated!  I know it's warm during the day but the nights are getting chilly -fall and winter are coming and seizure cases can drag on at times.
      Thank you so very much for your assistance in this very important endeavor.
      Christy Sheidy, Co-founder
      Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc.
      www.ac4h.com or call 610-621-5290
      donation options: http://www.ac4h.com/dpoptions.htm
      Shop to donate - help horses: http://www.ac4h.com/Fundraising.htm

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