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RE: [MarvWalkerHorses] Study of healing touch

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  • Charles
    It may be that human presence is enough. If nothing else, I know for me, it makes me feel better. While I know in this case that no touching actually occurs,
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      It may be that human presence is enough.  If nothing else, I know for me, it makes me feel better.  While I know in this case that no touching actually occurs, the attention, and possibly the sense of warmth, could make someone else feel better.
      I've always believed that everything can be tested.  My problem with healing touch isn't so much if it works, as I think the explanation is wrong.  I'm not sure there are "energy fields" being manipulated.  Energy is something we can measure.  If it isn't being measured, then it just isn't there.

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      Hi Charles,
      Yes there was and no they couldn't<G>, but the thing that has amazed me about this 'healing thing' for years, along with a lot of the other *occult sciences*, is that while they simply do not not tend to work under "test conditions" they actually do seem to work outside them!
      Now as virtually none of this so far can be 'proved' anyway, I'm going to put forward an unprovable theory that, just maybe, it is the "necessary doubt" that accompanies a "scientific investigation" that stops these things from working!
      I suggest that the doubt (negative energy) actually blocks the positive energy of the healer, medium, schaman, or whatever, and blocks whatever it is that makes these things work....  and while we as humans can be affected, positively or negatively by our beliefs, I don't *think* that animals are in this particular context, ...and I've seen too much of the positive results of "healing" on animals, including our own dogs, to be able to doubt that there is *something* in this!
      Gordon, who has a friend in England who could take away his dying 13 year-old son's pain sufficiently for the kid not to need drugs for the last 6 months of his life -and can't 'explain it' any more or better than the doctors could!
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      From: Charles
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      Subject: [MarvWalkerHorses] Study of healing touch

      Wasn't there a study done of healing touch where the person had to guess if it was the right hand or the left hand they were "scanning"? 
      If I remember right, the results were no better than random, in that most people couldn't tell the difference.  I believe the test was run on healing touch practitioners.  It was several years ago, and I think it was part of a school science fair.

    • equimatch
      oh! your poor baby! i know it s only been a couple of days, but how s he doing? ann sunset6164@aol.com wrote: My 4 week old baby goat ran out of the pen
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        oh!  your poor baby! 
        i know it's only been a couple of days, but how's he doing? 

        sunset6164@... wrote:
        My 4 week old baby goat ran out of the pen tonight and got into the horse paddock.  Before I could get to him. One of the horses charged.  He was kicked.  I picked him up and rushed to the only vet in town that will see a farm animal.  He was out of town.  I was in a panic so I took him to the vet that takes care of my cats & dogs.  He examined him and said that he couldn't find anything broken.  He had a small cut just above the left eye, but both pupils looked equal in size.  He said that he didn't know much about goats but he suggested a shot of antibiotics.  I also gave him nutri-drench when I got back home.  I had to separate him form his mother because she was butting him a lot.  I don't think she was being mean because she was butting his sibling also.  I put a wire panel up between the babies and momma.  They can be next to each other through the fence.  I left his sister in there with him so he wouldn't be alone.  Would the antibiotics make him sleepy?  I forgot to ask the vet.  All he wants to do is lay down and sleep.  Is there anything I can do but wait?  Vet said there is always the possibility of swelling in the brain.  I have a knot in my stomach about the size of Texas.  When you say your prayers tonight, please say one for little "Dinky". 
        Marilyn in MS

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