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  • Margo Nielsen
    Dec 16, 2013

      It is so mild here in the winter that blanketing is not advised, even when the is no shelter. However, we do have a few nights in the 30's and a dozen in the 40's each year. If you remember my Sadie, she had trouble keeping weight on for the last couple of years before she died at age 30.

      I found an inexpensive $20 flannel sheet for her to wear when it dropped into the 40's. It was light weight and didn't rub her bony withers and hip bones. I don't know if they call it "fleece" now, but I couldn't find any flannel "sheets".

      When it was in the 40's or 30's with high winds or rain, I added a "turnout rug", about $40,  which was a heavy canvas duck top with a thin layer of wool felt on the underside. She was nice and toasty in any weather. The canvas repelled water.

      I was looking at Country Supply (now horse.com) for something similar and found this item on sale, called "Defender Thermo Dress Cooler" for $39.95 (half price-usually $79.95). Sizes up to 84".

      • Thick 2-Ply Polyester Material - Two layers of polyester material with a polyfill center quilted together with a diamond pattern keep the horse warm, while wicking away the moisture to prevent sweating and quickly dry them.
      • Diamond Quilting Pattern - Quilted pattern provides additional strength and also helps to draw the moisture to the surface.
      • Open Front Double Buckle Closure - Securely holds the sheet in place and features reinforced buckle holes.
      • Contoured Fit - Contour design fits snugly on your horse with a reinforced spine and rear darts.
      • Heavy Nylon Binding - Double sewn to secure material and provide additional durability.
      • Dual Low Cross Surcingles with T-Lock Fasteners - Provide easy adjustability with easy on/off stainless steel T-Lock fasteners.
      • Removable Elastic Adjustable Leg Straps - Help to secure the blanket and prevent shifting from side to side.
      • Only 6 lbs.



      On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 4:49 PM, equimatch <equimatch@...> wrote:

      thanks, Maryanne! 

      that's not bad, at all!  chant is pretty thin from dealing with the pain of his bladder stone (why he's in for surgery), so his withers are sticking out pretty good. he's not normally so thin.  i'll look at this blanket.  maybe I can layer underneath, and it would help with the rubbing? 


      On Monday, December 16, 2013 4:13 PM, Nancy or MaryAnne <NMALEC@...> wrote:
      I don't know what you consider cheap but Big Dee's has a 1200 denier blanket that is $74.50.  I have the blanket it wells fairly well. It is rubbing a little on my very hard to fit TB and the stitching around the blanket has come undone.  I think for the money it can't be beat.  they also have stable blankets that are much cheaper at around $40.00, but they do not fit as well.  If your horse is big bodied they will run a short on them but they are pretty indestructible too.
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      From: equimatch
      Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 3:51 PM
      Subject: [MarvWalkerHorses] Blankets

       hi everyone.  I've come asking for suggestions on finding cheap, large blankets.

      chant has gone for surgery and will be home in a few days.  then he will be on 30 days stall rest, and on drugs to help his 30 days confinement be easier on him.  so I thought I would search for a blanket for him for recovery, plus he is currently in a heated barn, then will be brought home to a stall in an open barn.   problem with blanketing chant, he has destroyed every blanket that I ever used on him.  so I'm looking for a cheap, who cares if it gets destroyed blanket, to help him during his recovery. 

      he's an 80 - 82, and I can't find anything that is cheap enough to not care about it being destroyed.  I've even checked ebay, amazon and craigslist. 

      any suggestions are very well appreciated. 


      Margo Nielsen
      View Margo's Architectural work at: www.nielsenhausdesigns.com 
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