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49416Re: [MarvWalkerHorses] food aggressive mare

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    Dec 3, 2013
      My ex stallion was so awful with biting and food aggression, I couldn't feed him treats. 6 months after gelding him, I devised a way to give him treats and that is when he is on the cross ties, I bring the same "treat" bucket out right before I put him away (after riding, etc). As I approach him, he must back away from me before he can have his treats. He still makes faces and will put his ears back and "bluff", BUT as soon as he sees me coming around the corner with the bucket, he backs himself up all on his own as far as he can. This reinforces that you are GIVING them the food rather than them TAKING it from you.
      Now when I go to catch him in the pasture, I can give him a carrot by hand (so he will come up to me) and he is respectful. 

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      On Dec 3, 2013, at 4:26 PM, Sue Tix <k9klips@...> wrote:

      My mare who is food aggressive started a new behavior. She has always been aggressive around food . Grain is the worst. She along with our gelding are finally living on our property after about 5 years. I tie her and the gelding up separate when I grain them. They share hay and are ok with that. She had a bad habit of pinning her ears and snaking her head at us. (she was starved down once in her life, but that was then, this is now) they have 24/7 hay. long story short, she cow kicked at my daughter when tied, (eating grain) Her and I had a come to Jesus meeting and she no longer pins her ears or snakes her head at me when I walk past, but pins her ears and snakes her head in the opposite direction of me. What is that?  She is very quirky at the very least. Gotta love them.

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