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49412food aggressive mare

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  • Sue Tix
    Dec 3, 2013
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      My mare who is food aggressive started a new behavior. She has always been aggressive around food . Grain is the worst. She along with our gelding are finally living on our property after about 5 years. I tie her and the gelding up separate when I grain them. They share hay and are ok with that. She had a bad habit of pinning her ears and snaking her head at us. (she was starved down once in her life, but that was then, this is now) they have 24/7 hay. long story short, she cow kicked at my daughter when tied, (eating grain) Her and I had a come to Jesus meeting and she no longer pins her ears or snakes her head at me when I walk past, but pins her ears and snakes her head in the opposite direction of me. What is that?  She is very quirky at the very least. Gotta love them.

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