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49408Re: [MarvWalkerHorses] naming new colt

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  • Marv Walker
    Nov 10 6:37 PM
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      I need ideas naming our new 6 month old palomino quarter horse colt. His barn name is Peso. His mother's name is dollar. He is from foundation  driftwood lines. He is already halter broke, can pivot, goes over tarps, bridges, etc. he is very mello. My daughter's horse is now in his late twenties, so this new guy hopefully will be her new trail-riding, 4-h horse. Gunner has been such a blessing for her we are hoping this little guy can fill his hooves. She takes lessons with the colt 2 times per week with the trainer/breeder. He is such  a willing colt. He will be my daughters 4-h training horse project. I still have my tennessee walker mare. She is now 14 and has been my 5 year project. I do have to admit this year with her has been a good year. My horses are  finally all home and are happy. 24/7 access to hay and pasture.Sierra (walker) started chewing big holes in her boarding stall. Gunner lost weight ( he's old and high maintance)  Gunner gained weight back and Sierra calmed down alot. More work for us but totally worth it. Marv how is Faith  going? You were and always have been my inspiration when working with my horse.

      I tell people to let the horses name themselves and they will if you are tuned to them.  I always encourage quick name changes when a horse enters a new situation or when a horse is named after a weather pattern, some demon or devil or other bad name.  We have acquired three new horses at Brave Meadows, the therapeutic riding center I do volunteer work at ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/130943786927910/ ), Turf, Dingle and Thunder.  Most wanted a new name for Dingle, named after the Dingle Peninsula, wherever that is, and I insisted on changing the name of the other two as well, I didn't want those names any longer than they had already been.  Now they are Max, Lady and Honey, nice, friendly approachable names.  The horses don't care, but it is already making a difference in the people around them.

      I board Faith at Brave Meadows.  I spend a lot of volunteer time there and the center demands a lot of my attention and I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like.  Working with the center's horses, therapy sessions, board member duties and a growing number of "students" seeking my methods takes up a good portion of my time.

      However, I still have put more than enough time into working with Faith to where I should be well along on her riding training by now but we are still working on her extreme spookiness.  She is really making great headway but she is still not anywhere near where I want her to be and where pretty much any other horse I've worked with would be by now.  Until nothing I do upsets her, I'm not getting on her, end of story.

      I always tell people with abnormally spooky horses http://AVCADoctors.com equine chiro.  Last month I hauled a barn riding instructor's horse 50 miles to a chiro.  I was thinking I needed to put Faith on the trailer as well, but for some unknown reason didn't.  I'm quite good at looking at a horse moving and seeing the horse's condition.  Not perfect, but very good (no brag, just fact).  Watching Faith move, she is really something else - extremely smooth, even trot, even strides, even foot falls, just out and out nice mover.

      Next Friday the chiro is coming to the barn and Faith is in the list.  Even if I had to haul, Faith was going to the chiro.  I've decided to fall back onto my own advice and have her gone over.

      The chiro didn't seem to be a super need for Faith because she is a 50-50 horse and she will switch between the two so quick and irrationally so I just attributed most of her spookiness to the Arab half.  I had her in the trimming lineup but wasn't able to be there and some of my "students" handled her.  They said that while she did okay for the trimmer they were very concerned by her jumping, twitching muscles.  One told me she was rather nervous to be in the barn hallway with her because she expected her to blow up at any second.

      Sometimes there will be no sign of tremors and other times in exactly the same situation, not a twitch.  You know immediately when she switches from the Arab half to the App half and vice versa.

      So Friday we see if the Chiro can provide any insight.

      I'm not much of a Facebooker I'm only on three groups, I accept no friend request since I have no idea who most of these people are because most are "mutual" friends and there is little if any indication they are horse folk or share any real interest I have,  However, I am on Brave Meadows, come on, tell Shannon you know me and join the group.  I know Margo visits and I'm not real sure who else from here are "friends," "members," or whatever it is list folk are called.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/130943786927910/

      Marv "I smell like a horse??  I don't see that as a problem." Walker

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