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49403Re: [MarvWalkerHorses] Faith Figgerin' Focusing, Finally

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  • Margo Nielsen
    Oct 26, 2013
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      Maybe her trust in you will bring out the best of both breeds instead of the insecurities and overreactions. You may have that horse sticking to you like glue before too long.


      On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 9:25 PM, Marv Walker <Marv@...> wrote:

      I have absolutely no doubt my techniques work, none.  However, Faith
      has been causing my faith in my techniques to be a little shaky.  In
      the beginning I had a little difficulty with the Jekyll-Hyde
      personality changes going from flawless to forget it.

      And then I found out she was 50/50 horse.

      50/50 horses are the result of breeding two breeds of horses together
      to produce which is essentially a half-breed horse.  A half-breed
      horse is intended to infuse the best characteristics of both
      breeds.  When it works out that way, fine, but usually not so much,
      especially when you breed to horses with opposing breed
      characteristics such as a Morgan with a Friesan or an Arab to an
      Appaloosa, ala Faith.

      Anyway, with a 50/50 horse you don't know which half of the horse is
      going to control the horse at any given time.  In Faith's case she is
      sometimes flighty and fluttery, or as many people say, "Typical
      Arab."  Other times she is "Everything is cool.  Yuk! Yuk!" or as
      many people say, "typical App."  The only time she is consistent is
      when she is abnormally spooky.  If anything sets her off the Arab
      temperament comes to the front and she goes into another world where
      not even she knows where she is and wild eyed, flat out escape is the
      only option.  She has slammed into the side of a 50 foot round pen
      and moved the whole pen, gone through a 2x6 4 rail pressure treated
      arena fence trying to out run string dangling off from the training
      surcingle and a bunch of other seemingly innocent spooks.

      My goal in dealing with spooking is to teach the horse to "look to
      me" no matter what happens.  I'll be the one to determine the value
      of the spook which is always "ignore it."  I don't desensitize the
      horse to anything in particular, I desensitize the horse to every
      thing - "No matter what it is that spooks you, I'll deal with
      it.  Focus on me, I am your relief.  All peace, all comfort, all
      security is by me."  I do not want the horse physically connected to
      me at any time.

      I can't recall it ever taking much more than a session or two to get
      that idea across to a horse.

      I tied a 50 gallon plastic trash bag on the end of my longe whip lash
      and added a clip for a little weight and I could send that bag
      exactly where I wanted it which was where Faith didn't want it.  Any
      movement of that bag produced wide open runs around the pen.  When I
      wanted to change her direction I simply tossed the bag in front of
      her and off she'd go the other way.

      Session after session after session I'd let the bag control her
      around the pen.  The moment she would look at me, the bag would
      stop.  As soon as she looked away the bag came to life again.  The
      improvements were so small you had to have a magnifying glass to see
      them.  The progress was so slow you had to have a sundial to time
      it.  At no time did I allow her to get winded or sweaty.

      Today, after the therapy clients were finished and the barn
      activities had wound down I put her in the RP again for the I don't
      know how many times that was and I could tell right off she was
      **beginning** to show the headway I was working toward.  She was not
      as wary of the flying bag and only made a couple rounds before she
      stopped, faced me and advanced toward me right by the bag.  We stood
      there for awhile then I moved the bag against her.  She didn't like
      it, she snorted and quivered but she stood.  When I upped the bag
      pressure she went around behind me and kept me between her and the
      bag.  I could see the shadow of her behind me and I began whipping
      the bag through the air in front of us and she stood there, very
      light on her feet but she stood there.

      I sent her out a couple of times and allowed her to come in to me
      close by the bag.  I draped the bag across her face a couple of
      times.  She didn't like it the least bit but she stood.

      On that note, I gave her a pail of feed and went and fixed the
      tractor while she ate.

      Marv "Horses have been my life's work.  I didn't know I'd work a
      horse for the rest of my life." Walker


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