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49396NLP and Horses?

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  • Janis
    Sep 13, 2013
      Amazon had a “local deal” yesterday for NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)) training, prompting me to see what new applications it might have for this field that began in the early 70s.  I’m familiar with this field through its uses in emergency services for training, situation management, and negotiation, but not in its uses in business and personal life.  While I was reading the Wiki (not a great source, but ok for this), a stray memory popped up that we may have had a discussion of applying it to horse training some years ago.  I’m thinking it came up in a thread about T-Touch (haven’t seen or heard anyone mention that for a long time) and other techniques that can be used with horses.  It might not have been NLP, but it concerned the person’s voice, touch, maybe body language? 
      Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  I’m curious because so many of the techniques in teaching/training people and animals come and go, come back with different names, or fade away altogether.  
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