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49392Ready for someone on their back

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  • jungle_cat80
    Aug 29, 2013

      What do you all ensure is done before you climb onto a horse's back for the first time?


      I have a mustang that I have done tons of ground work with, stands well at the mounting block, handles me sticking my foot in the stirrup and standing up over his side, me leaning across his back, desensitized to various things, ground driven, worked through obstical courses, trailer loads, worn a saddle many times, lunges with the saddle, had weighted bags tossed acrossed his back (about 50 lbs), lunged with boat bumpers bouncing on his sides, etc.  He handles this all well.


      A while back I figured he was ready.  Usually by the time I'm comfortable enough to swing my leg over - there are no problems.  Well he had other ideas and he was fine until I sat all the way down and then exploded.  Biggest bucking fit I've dealt with, ended up with a huge horn bruise across my stomach, and a bit leary to try since.  Yes - nerves are probably my biggest obsticale to trying again. 


      So I just want to make sure I have not missed anything before I try again.  Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. 




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