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49377Sticky breeding certificate question

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  • CJ
    Aug 20, 2013
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      I purchased a mare in foal in September 2012 - she was sold to me not guaranteed to be in foal, but the previous owner gave me a breeding certificate to a homozygous paint stud for the dates 5/15/12 through 6/15/2012. Just in case she was not in foal I pastured her with my homozyg. stud Sept 15 2012. On July 18 2013 she gave birth to a silver dapple baby - too late and wrong color for the certificate I have, and too early and wrong color for my stud. Baby was definitely not premature - obviously one of her other studs caught her.

      Problem now is the breeder is hemming/hawing saying it's not any of her studs - but she has a silver dun stud right on her website! Anyone got any suggestions? Someone told me to call the registry and file a formal complaint - and I know I could get a DNA test to prove it's not my stud - anyone else every have this happen? I've got to get this little one sold asap for my farm tax assessment. Is it worth complaining to the registry? And does anyone know the best place to have dna testing done on mane/tail hairs?

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