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Fw: "New" Lavender Hill Mob

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  • Rick Mandelson
    ... From: Rick Mandelson To: The Polimeni Clan Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 5:03 PM Subject: Re:
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      From: "Rick Mandelson" <rollingthunder78@...>
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      Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 5:03 PM
      Subject: Re: "New" Lavender Hill Mob

      > Sorry for the late response as I was racing at two different tracks this
      > weekend. (one dirt and one asphalt)
      > I am a Board Member of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR)
      > http://www.emmr.org/ Between Steve and I, we can make that
      > happen.........
      > For all that are in the vicinity, this weekend is our annual Fair.
      > Everyone is welcome and look me up for a tour.
      > Rick Mandelson
      > Ellicott City, Maryland
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      > Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007 5:58 PM
      > Subject: Re: "New" Lavender Hill Mob
      >> I think Don has an excellent idea. A venue with an automotive theme
      >> would be so much better than a generic restaurant atmosphere. Having
      >> several veteran Marboro race cars on display would be great also. Count
      >> my old PV in for that should it come to pass. It's resto is a work in
      >> progress at this point but we'll be happy to share it as such. As I
      >> recall, Steve LLoyd had mentioned that he had been talking with Rick
      >> Mandelson about the possibility of having our gathering at the Eastern
      >> Museum of Motor Racing near Gettysburg. Is that still a possibility? A
      >> museum such as that would be a great venue also, I would think. Whatever
      >> the outcome, count me in. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Ron.
      >> donaldfrye@... wrote:
      >>>Wild Ass Idea No. 2:
      >>>For a reunion venue, what if we were to get an auto dealership to provide
      >>>the space and we would provide the catering. Maybe, we could get them to
      >>>pay part of it but there would be certain trade-offs. First off, within
      >>>the group, we have members who have race cars and classic sports cars.
      >>>What if those members were willing to provide those cars for display in
      >>>return for the dealership’s space and , possibly, a contribution toward
      >>>the catering costs.
      >>>One possible target would be Flemming’s Ultimate Garage in Rockville.
      >>>They are a dealership with a large shop, specializing in classic cars
      >>>ranging from 60s Chevelle SSs to Corvettes to MG-TDs to Ferraris. If we
      >>>could offer a presentation of cars which would produce floor traffic,
      >>>they might just provide what we need. I would be glad to try and
      >>>negotiate the program with them. What we would need to do would be to
      >>>provide a list of cars for display, maybe “local racing stars” who
      >>>could make appearances and pick a date which would not conflict with
      >>>anyone’s race schedule and be able to provide the cars for a weekend or
      >>>3-4 days whichever they could tie a promotion around.
      >>>In turn, we would get a large space with a an automotive atmosphere
      >>>conducive to our program and maybe a contribution toward our catering
      >>>costs. Plus, hopefully, publicity.
      >>>Other possible targets would be Porsche dealers, Jag dealers, etc.
      >>>Unfortunately, there are no longer any Triumph dealers, Healy dealers,
      >>>So whadda ya think? Another wild ass idea worth pursuing?
      >>>At least you won’t get poison ivy from this one!
      >>>Don Frye
      >>>>From: Steve Lloyd <wdcrhistory@...>
      >>>>Date: 2007/06/14 Thu PM 04:41:52 CDT
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      >>>>Subject: "New" Lavender Hill Mob
      >>>>We’ve been talking in our Marlboro_Raceway group aboutanother
      >>>>get-together. If you’re getting this again, forgive me. I’mjust
      >>>>trying to make sure I hit everyone interested. Here’s what I wrotein a
      >>>>recent Marlboro_Raceway posting:
      >>>>I am going to begin in earnest next week researching a meeting
      >>>>opportunity for our merry band. I have a few basic assumption and want
      >>>>to bounce them off all of you. Here are the assumptions:
      >>>>1. You probably want to see some racing footage from whenever.
      >>>>2. You probably want to check out old Straightpipes, Haybales, Sports
      >>>>Car, and other printed materials of interest.
      >>>>3. We want to have time to socialize.
      >>>>4. Nearby access to beer/wine/other libations would be nice in
      >>>>addition to food.
      >>>>Are these assumptions pretty close for everyone? Let me know.
      >>>>Next, what else do YOU want from such a get-together (other than
      >>>>having fun and seeing old friends?).
      >>>>Third, as Historian, here's a few things on MY mind:
      >>>>1. I'd like to interview (audio and/or video) folks from the Region's
      >>>>past (before Summit Point, for now -- Summit'sbeginnings are
      >>>>certainly on the agenda ultimately). You don't have to have been a
      >>>>driver. Anyone with an involvement of that scene with the Region is
      >>>>welcome. These interviews would end up -- I hope -- in the Region's
      >>>>web site, future history presentations, TV [production, and/or the
      >>>>hardbound book the Region has discussed. By the way, I don't have to
      >>>>be the only one doing interviewing. All I really need here is some
      >>>>consistency to our approach and with questions.
      >>>>2. Expanding our network and sharing those contacts so we can find
      >>>>our old friends (who want to be found.)
      >>>>3. Discuss how we can further research, organize, preserve and
      >>>>frankly, the most important to me: create a forum of sorts by which
      >>>>we can share the history -- especially to our younger members and
      >>>>newbies. (Let's make 'em jealous!!!)
      >>>>If we adopt a two-day event, maybe we can meet everyone's needs. Then
      >>>>again, just getting together is worth it. Any thoughts, gang?
      >>>>Steve Lloyd, Historian
      >>>>Washington DC Region, SCCA
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