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Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Bob Hurt

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  • Michael Booth
    Jim Murphy, my garage-mate and good friend, had been friend s with Bob Hurt. I remember him having Bob s helmet, or something of Bob s personal gear. I think
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 12, 2013
      Jim Murphy, my garage-mate and good friend, had been friend's with Bob Hurt.  I remember him having Bob's helmet, or something of Bob's personal gear.  I think Murphy had raced a sprint  car at some time before he got into SCCA and Minis.

      On Jun 12, 2013, at 6:47 PM, Rick Mandelson <rollingthunder78@...> wrote:


      I still am in touch with Charlotte and will I'll give you her phone # via your personal Email address.
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      Hi Bob,

      Thank you for the link.



      On 12 Jun 2013, at 12:21, Bob wrote:

      Time for a better named thread.

      I'd suggest that when we change the subject, we change the subject line or at least, add to it.
      Otherwise, it's a pain in the ass to search for that "fact you saw somewhere"

      Charlotte Diehl was a special friend, and Bob was near destitute, and often lived with her.

      Rick ... are you still in touch with her?

      Cheers, Bob

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