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Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Re: A Living History of V.I.R. - the early years - now available

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  • Bob
    Sorry if it didn t transfer. Hope this .pdf file comes through. ... Sorry if it didn t transfer. Hope this .pdf file comes through. On 1/18/2013 2:28 PM,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 18, 2013
    Sorry if it didn't transfer. Hope this .pdf file comes through.

    On 1/18/2013 2:28 PM, terryoneil308 wrote:
    I don't see the order form. Am I missing something?
    --- In Marlboro_Raceway@yahoogroups.com, Bob  wrote:
    On 1/17/2013 8:22 AM, Judy Stropus wrote:
    *CHARLOTTE, N.C. ( Jan. 17, 2013)* - Bill King, longtime motorsports 
    publicist, journalist and race series organizer, has just completed 
    the first installment of a history of Virginia International Raceway. 
    “The Early Years (1956-59)” covers the history of the southern 
    Virginia plot of land from the 1800s; its transformation into a very 
    fast and technical race track; and the first three tumultuous years of 
    It is available by using the attached order form.
    According to King, the history will be published in four serialized 
    installments, taking us to the present. “It’s an unusual presentation 
    with the four sections being printed in loose-leaf format on 10” X 16” 
    pages to be clipped into an official binder,” he explains. “Once we’re 
    up to the present, we’ll print a coffee table version for those who 
    want it. However, we’ll also publish an annual update that can be 
    clipped into the back of your binder â€" thus, A Living History.
    “In Part 1, I’ve put the track’s emergence into the context of road 
    racing in 1950’s America,” King adds. “There are lots of old photos. 
    Emphasis is on the founders and on the racing stars of the day, many 
    of whom were early members of the Road Racing Drivers Club â€" Walt 
    Hansgen, Briggs Cunningham, Carroll Shelby, Dick Thompson, Bob 
    Holbert, Roger Penske, Gaston Andrey, Ed Crawford, Charlie Wallace, 
    Doc Wyllie, Fred Windridge, Frank Dominianni, Frank Baptista, Paul 
    O’Shea and a dozen others.
    “I’m starting work on “Part 2, The Rembold Years” that will take us to 
    the track’s closing in 1974. Paul Rembold was the promoter. I’m hoping 
    to have this section done by late summer."
    *About Bill King: *
    Bill King, who resides in Charlotte, N.C., is a longtime publicist, 
    marketer, journalist and race series organizer, working for Nick Craw, 
    Leo Mehl, Paul Pfanner and Roger Werner. He was the original program 
    manager for the SCCA Spec Racer/Sports Renault in ’84, and created the 
    Playboy Endurance Series (now World Challenge) from a clean sheet of 
    paper in ‘85. He was the PR manager for Goodyear Racing from ’86-’92; 
    contributing editor and special projects manager for RACER from 
    ’94-‘01; general manager, Speedvision.com, from ’99-’01; and business 
    development for Swift Engineering and Morse Measurements. He received 
    the 1976 Area III John C. Reuter Award. King's amateur racing career 
    was highlighted by the SEDIV SSB title in '76. He was instrumental in 
    launching the Renault Cup in '82. He's a member of the Road Racing 
    Drivers Club and is the rrdc. org webmaster.

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