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Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Janet Guthrie

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  • Steven Benford Jr
    Here is her car. Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
    Message 1 of 34 , Jan 18, 2013

    Here is her car.

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    Would that have been SCCA or IMSA Jerry?

    IIRC, Bridgehampton was kind of winding down those days, with local disfavor, etc. I was asked by John Bishop to help fill out the field for the first IMSA race there, but can't recall the specific year. Despite an official displacement of 2501 ccs, he ruled our Daimlers were U2.5 cars! SCCA would have been sticky at that point.

    Cheers, Bob

    On 1/18/2013 10:19 AM, GLWannarka@... wrote:
    I remember racing with Janet in her Celica (B sedan) at Bridgehampton in 1974.  I was racing an Alfa Romeo GTA Jr (C sedan) at that time.
    Jerry Wannarka
    In a message dated 1/18/2013 8:32:36 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, bstorck@... writes:

    The Celica didn't exist until much later ... mid-70s

    On 1/18/2013 6:46 AM, Yuccaseed@... wrote:
    I think in a Toyota Celica also?
    In a message dated 1/17/2013 9:28:09 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, mmatune@... writes:

    Good evening all,

    Pete Luongo called this afternoon and asked if Janet Guthrie had ever competed at Marlboro. Particularly, had she competed in her Jaguar. She is said to have begun racing the car with the SCCA in 1963. I found references to her competing at Watkins Glen, Thompson, VIR and Cumberland in the time period 1964-1967; but nothing on Marlboro.

    On his web site, Rick Mandelson mentions Guthrie attending Drivers’ School at Marlboro.

    Pete told me that Guthrie is attending a Meadowdale event in the Chicago area and he was hoping to find a picture of the Jaguar.

    Can anyone help?

    Take care,

    Mike Matune

  • Pelouze, Craige
    When the 1st F1 race was run at Indy I drove out from Richmond with my buddy Mark during a hurricane which had blown up from the Gulf. He had a Cobra Mustang
    Message 34 of 34 , Jan 21, 2013
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      When the 1st F1 race was run at Indy I drove out from Richmond with my buddy Mark during a hurricane which had blown up from the Gulf. He had a Cobra Mustang IRS and there was no one on the highways in the rain in W Va, KY, etc. and we hauled ass. On the 10-14 hour trip I taught him all I know about F1 and racing in general as he was a rookie.   At Indy we went to a famous Mustang tuner’s shop for him to buy suspension parts and Janet’s race shop was next door. There was some other very attractive young female driver there and she sold me one of Janet’s autographed books. Which I can’t find now. My buddy had a AM radio talk show on cars and was awarded full media credentials just like ABC as he was the only AM radio host that applied.  Our credentials allowed us access anywhere on the track and pits. Mark had a personal radio interview with Michael Schumacher and some other driver and separately one with two team managers from  Ferrari and Williams I think. He asked the Williams team manager if he thought Ferrari was cheating (as they swept the series that year) and all he was willing to say was that it took them 2 years to catch up with Ferrari. He then asked the Williams manager if they switched drivers and he got Michael if he could win. After he caught his breath he said certainly which probably didn’t not help him with driver relations. Mark was at the start finish line near the end and I drifted back across the track to sit in the stands to watch the  finish at the line.  As Michael and Rubens came down the straight toward the checker Michael backed off and let Rubens win to repay him for several favors Rubens had similarly done for him earlier in the season. As they cam across the finish line all cameras were on them and one picture was on the cover of AutoWeek. If you look very closely you can see me in the stands in my red Ferrari sweat shirt with the Ferraris in the foreground. So I did make the cover of Autoweek.  Can any one else top that?  I’m sure that will start a great conversation.


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