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Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Fwd: Ever heard of Bill Milliken?

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  • GLWannarka@aol.com
    I met Bill several years ago when he was the Grand Marshall for the Runoffs the last year they were held at Mid Ohio. I subsequently met him several times
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      I met Bill several years ago when he was the Grand Marshall for the Runoffs the last year they were held at Mid Ohio.  I subsequently met him several times later when he attended various NEDIV winter meetings.  What a gentleman and class act!  Yes, he was one of the early competitors at the Glen and had a corner named after him on the original track where he flipped his Bugatti. He had many entertaining stories about motoring his Bugatti (s?) around New York state mainly scaring the local arms of the law.
      Jerry Wannarka
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      If I recall correctly, didn't Milliken win some of the first Watkikns Glen street races -- or at very least was a major competitor? 'Seems to me, his name is virtually synonymous with the Glen.
      Steve Lloyd, Historian
      Washington DC Region, SCCA

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      I met Bill two years ago at the Mt. Equinox hillclimb. He and John Fitch were there as honored guests.

      I bought Bill's book and spoke with him for a bit after he signed it for me.  I'd met his son Doug some years before at a seminar on vehicle dynamics at Drexel University.  He remembered me because of an unusual question I asked during the seminar. That was a great introduction for me and we spoke at some length about the book, his father Bill, the hillclimb, and the peculiar joys of old racing cars.

      The book I bought was "Equations of motion: adventure, risk, and innovation : the engineering autobiography of William F. Milliken". At some stages, it gets a bit technical for this poor English Literature major, but there are so many great stories in it that I read it from cover to cover.

      I can't recommend the book enough.  Bill's life is certainly one worth memorializing and I am proud to have met him.

      On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 8:38 AM, Erskine Kelly <erkelly2@...> wrote:
      I know that anything before 1960 is "ancient history" to you folks, BUT

      This is one person we should never forget.

      Rick Kelly
      Oklahoma City

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      Subject: Ever heard of Bill Milliken?

      Who remembers people who live to be older than 100?

      This guy graduated from MIT in the same class as my father.

      At the Cornell lab he had a part in the research on the effectiveness of something called "safety belts" in ~1955.

      When Watkins Glen established their first "Legends" roster, the first class included an Italian named Andretti, a NASCAR dude named Jeff Gordon, and Bill Milliken.

      Ever heard of Bill Milliken?



      And, see:  (IF you have an hour to read it!)


      Karl and I were at Exeter and MIT at the same time.

      - - - -


      I am going to do a "Chiappetta" -

      Don't expect much from me for the next month or two.


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