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White Lightning in the hills of West Virginia

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  • Steve Knoll
    Gentlefolk, I m sorry to have missed the opportunity to sample some of Bill Scott s White Lighting @ Summit Point this weekend, especially since I ve heard
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006
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      I'm sorry to have missed the opportunity to sample some of Bill
      Scott's "White Lighting" @ Summit Point this weekend, especially
      since I've heard that Steve Lloyd's presentation about the olden
      daze @ Marlboro was a resounding success, not only with us
      graybeards, (the ladies, on the other hand, aren't showing any signs
      of aging), but also among the younger contingent, many of whom knew
      little, if anything about Marlboro.

      The New Lavender Hill Mob, (the original members of this forum) had
      some discussion of a larger & more permanent web-based archive of
      the materials that are surfacing as the result of Steve's efforts &
      the occasional features on Marlboro published on www.laprecord.com

      I'm guessing that Steve's presentation will cause more materials to
      surface which once again raises the question of how best to share
      these materials. If any of you have any ideas, please share
      them on this forum.

      As we approach the off season, I will be doing more features on
      www.laprecord.com which will feature some of these materials, but
      more are always welcome, so please let either Steve or myself know
      if you have any old photos or other materials you care to share. We
      have people who will be pleased to scan them & take care to return
      them in a timely manner.

      I've posted a couple old Volvo pictures from Marlboro in the Tony
      a2z photo gallery that I've received over the past year from a
      number of sources.

      Several of them are pictures of Tony in his 1st race car in which he
      was BS Regional Champion. The car was never run in the 12-Hour

      There are also a couple pictures from Ron Winneberger from the 12
      hour, although I'm not sure what year. Volvo PV544's won the 1st 2
      12-hours, & these were taken the year that Smokey Yunick entered a
      couple Pontiac Tempests which didn't fare well. I'm thinking 1962,
      but I have to check to be sure.

      Also there is one from Ron Polimeni, who has passed on several
      stories about the car that I hope he will share on this forum.

      Both Rons' photos have been used on www.laprecord.com in the past &
      will be posted again in the future along with some of their stories.

      Many of you will have seen a couple features that were posted using
      John Switzer's photos. One of them featured Lotus Cortinas from the
      1964 12-Hour. Sadly his camera was dying, so that the right hand
      side of the frame faded to black for most of them, but the archive
      he sent me is still the coolest & possibly most complete archive of
      that race won by Jackie Stewart for Team Lotus. The photos are large
      format .tif files, so they lend themselves to cropping, mitigating
      the problem with the camera.

      I have been meaning to post some of the competition from that
      archive & will this off season, no doubt, but I thought I would post
      a couple Volvo pictures now, as we seem to have a Volvo theme going
      in advance of Tony's appearance @ Road America as a guest of Volvo.

      Anyway, I hope this missive sparks some discussion on the forum &
      thanx to the contributors. If anyone has any materials to
      contribute, please let either Steve or myself know.

      Thanx again to Steve Lloyd for all his efforts!

      Yr hmbl & obt svt,
      Steve Knoll
    • toyphil@aol.com
      Steve Steve s presentation at Summit Point was a good kick start for the work to be done. I took a few Marlboro odds and ends and some early SCCA paperwork.
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006
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          Steve's presentation at Summit Point was a good kick start for the work to be done. I took a few Marlboro odds and ends and some early SCCA paperwork. The 1953 GCR has some funny rules in it. Steve & I laughed at one that said if you are having difficulty passing someone it is OK to use your horn!
          Bill Scott was talking about his charity to help the neighbors of Summit Point. He pointed out being a good neighbor will help the track stay in place amid the ongoing local development. Knowing how development killed Marlboro (along with a few other problems) this seemed like a good point to expand on in the future.
          I'm looking forward to helping Steve with LHM & Marlboro history for the region. We were talking about another presentation at the beginning of next season. Steve wants it to be the main focus of an evening at the track and I agree. I think after we get into Dave's archives we will have some good material to work with. I also want to get a couple of vintage race cars out for "visual aids."
        Regards, Phil Charlwood 
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