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  • McLane Tilton
    These email for Mac Tilton should go to his personal email account, not this business account. mtpersonal@earthlink.net Best, Bruce Duncan MT Guns ... Jon, I
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      These email for Mac Tilton should go to his personal email account, not this business account.






      Bruce Duncan

      MT Guns

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      Jon, I  was in that race and probably have some articles, entry list, and photos, etc and will see what I can turn up for you .

      As a side note on Yenko Stingers; I ran quite a few races against them in the Boulevard Import and Sam Perry’s Saabs in the early/mid 60’s. On one special day  at VIR I was having a great battle with one and our lap times were identical. I could pass him under braking and in the corners but he could pull me on the straights.  So it was a given that on the last lap he would out pull me coming down pit straight to the flag and win.  We approached Oak Tree side by side and as I went through all of the  3 gears I looked in the mirror and he had broken a wheel and was wobbling off in the grass.  I was laughing so hard going in to Hog Pen that I forgot to brake and went off track and down hill through the stumps came back on track and won the race and set the FTD in the process.  Every one came running up and asked how I set such a hot lap and I casually said” I braked late”. True story but most didn’t work out quite so well!!! But we really did have much fun in those golden days of sports car racing. How lucky we were to have made so many great friends and had the privilege to be a part of history!!!

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