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Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Monterey Historic's - Group 44

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  • sbroethel@aol.com
    Hi Charlie: I ll be glad to help if can. I don t have any of Dave s records and I don t know if our daughters do, but I ll be glad to try and find what you
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      Hi Charlie:
      I'll be glad to help if can.  I don't have any of Dave's records and I don't know if our daughters do, but I'll be glad to try and find what you are looking for.  And Bob is correct.  I'll check with Steve Lloyd who has all of Dave's and the DC Region's archives.
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      Sue,    Sorry to intrude, but I just joined the Marlboro site and remembered I'm missing some information regarding Dave's 1970 SCCA Division points for a book I'm publishing. Not sure you could help, but decided to give it a shot anyway. In the NEDIV, Dave came in ?? place, while racing in the Washington, DC Region, with his Yenko Stinger with ?? points. I know Dave's car was YS081 and have a bit of information. If you wouldn't mind, I'll send a copy of the data sheet for the car for you to check out. It would be much appreciated..       Best Regards,    Charlie Doerge
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      Great picture!  I remember when Bob started his racing career and shared his dreams of the future with me one day on the porch of the Marlboro Hilton. He achieved all of them and then some.
      Sue Roethel
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      not to good at posting pic's but here is Doug & Bob. He looks pretty happy to me. If you go to Doug's Facebook page there are a ton of photos and a in car video of qualifying laps.  Steve Knoll was there so he sould have pic's on his website. I believe Bob was the one who said  " 1-2 finsh, first for Group 44 since 1984"
      Phil Charlwood

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      What, no pics?
      Got a note from Tullius last week saying he would be there as a guest of Jaguar so he must have enjoyed that.
                    Glen Sullivan

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      Subject: [Marlboro_Raceway] Monterey Historic's - Group 44


      Just a fun bit of Monterey Historic racing news. "Group 44 finishes 1-2,  first time since 1984" 
      Two XJR's were racing in the GTP class. First place was Rick Knoop ( XJR 5 ) and my nephew Doug Smith was driving the second place (XJR 7).  I have been following the event thru Doug's Facebook posting. His first time at Monterey. Talk about a kid getting the keys to the candy shop.
      Phil Charlwood


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