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Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Special events

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    Thanks Steve, Lots of mice played that weekend because it seemed the cats were away :) ... From: Stephen Lloyd To: Marlboro
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      Thanks Steve,


      Lots of mice played that weekend because it seemed the "cats" were away :)


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      I think that event was the November "Turkey Bowl" renamed after a very special promotion, to "The MDA Race Against Time." The DC Region SCCA promoted the hell out of it, and entries exceeded 300 as you noted. The posters were all over the area; we had decent weather; a flood of entries, and the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) received a good bit of dough. That idea would reappear at Summit Point years later with the Double MARRS and its frequent association with various charities.
      Steve L.

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      I remember one October regional at Marlboro in about 67 or 68 when there were over 2 or 300 entries same weekend as the SCCA National runoffs  Big event for those that Didn't!

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      I think the core schedule at Marlboro were 2 Nationals & 2 Regionals each year

      Still, there were some special events like the Refrigerator Bowl, Turkey Bowl, 6-Hour & Capitol 100, to name some

      Does anyone know if any of these events carried Regional points? I don't think so, most of the participants seem to be the Regional crowd & occasionally some of the local National guys.

      For 1968, we have photos for a couple events I can't identify, in addition to a driver's school & the National, Regionals, Marlboro 300 & Capitol 100 photos already posted.

      Unfortunately, we are missing photos for one of the two Nationals held that year

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