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Jefferson 500/Marlboro Reunion Update

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  • Steve Lloyd
    Hello Folks, Well the big weekend isn t far away! PLEASE, if you haven t already registered for the Marlboro Reunion, PLEASE do so as soon as you can. We want
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2009
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      Hello Folks,

      Well the big weekend isn't far away! PLEASE, if you haven't already registered for the Marlboro Reunion, PLEASE do so as soon as you can. We want to be sure we have the appropriate amount of food, tables, chairs, etc., etc. for the banquet on May 1st. Very soon we'll have to give the caterer a specific number. Our deadline for registration is April 15th, tax day. (easy to remember!)

      The fee for the weekend is $40 PER PERSON for our Marlboro group. Checks may be made out to "Jefferson 500" and should be mailed to:

      Bob Houston

      2210 Trott Avenue

      Vienna, VA 22181

      Phone: 703-938-1943

      This is important: With each $40 admission fee, we MUST have the name of the guest. This is critical, as admission will be based on the guest list only. Moreover, we'll have a list of the registered guests at the gate and this will be the only system for getting you in to all the Marlboro Reunion activities.

      Here are the Marlboro Reunion participants as of this past weekend:

      George Alderman

      Denny Austin

      Lisa Bechtel

      Carol Benford

      Bob Berman

      John Berres

      Tom Bohrer

      Dorothy Caldwell

      Bill(MG) Davis

      Bill Davis

      Sue Davis

      Joe Dockman

      Benjamin Fowke

      Tom Giovinazzo

      Donald Greimel

      Jane Grubb

      John Grubb

      Joe Hauser

      Wally Hicks

      Craig Hirai

      Geri Hirai

      Leon Hodges-Austin

      Harley Holt

      Stacey Hopkins

      Bob Houston

      Ed Impink

      Dick Knoblauch

      Larry Kropp

      Arnold Landvoigt

      Lois Landvoigt

      Dara Laughlin

      Kip Laughlin

      Brian Lee

      Tom Leonard

      Steve Lloyd

      Rick Mandelson

      Warren Matzen

      Hal McCarty

      Forrest Minor WORKER

      Lorraine Minor WORKER

      Bob O'Connor

      Fran Olsen

      Paul O'Malley

      Cate Partain

      Craige Pelouze

      Pat Phalan

      Len Picton

      Louiseann Pietrowicz

      Walt Pietrowicz

      Alexander R. Polimeni

      Nicholas C. Polimeni

      Ronald D. Polimeni

      Carol Reber

      Skip Reber

      Sue Roethel

      Dan Rowzie

      Bill Scanlan

      Marilia Scanlan

      David C. Scotton

      Greg Smith

      Les Smith

      Sam Smith

      Gay Stone

      Ray Stone

      Charles Stringfellow

      Bruce Stutzman

      Glen Sullivan

      Glen Sullivan TBA

      Lee Talbot

      Marty Talbot

      Betsy True

      Fred True

      Bob Tullius (Sunday only, after 11:00 a.m.)

      Fran van der Vate

      Pete van der Vate

      Woody Woodruff

      Chuck Woodworth

      I'll have several hours' worth of Marlboro movies we'll be showing through the weekend in the Summit Point paddock "tin shed" classrooms. We'll also have Straightpipes going back to 1952 and SportsCar back to 1951! There will be photos and more. AND --- If you'd care to bring your Marlboro memorabilia, we'd love to display it that weekend! (You are responsible for your own stuff, but we'll have room indoors in the "tin shed" classrooms.)

      PLEASE tell anyone you know who might be interested in attending this event. There's still time to register. This will undoubtedly be the biggest reunion of Marlboro fans and enthusiasts from those Marlboro days we're likely to ever have. Join us, won't you? You don't need to be a driver – just someone who's interested...

      Don't forget, VRG will offer our reunion group exhibition parade laps for cars that actually raced at Marlboro! If it runs, and it raced at Marlboro, bring it! You won't need to conform to contemporary technical specifications. We've got several cars coming now, just for this portion of the weekend. And VRG's looking at more than 170 entries for their vintage races over the weekend. Spread the word! Join us!

      Steve Lloyd, Historian

      Washington DC Region, SCCA

      7928 Edgewood Farm Road

      Frederick, MD 21702-2910

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